Good Job! originally had a more fantastical approach to its office setting, says the dev team

Job well done

Good Job! is a humorous puzzler that takes place in an office setting. The game definitely has its funny elements, but the office backdrop is pretty straightforward. In an interview with NintendoEverything, director Coen Neessen from Paladin Studios explained that things actually started off a bit more outlandish.

Early on in development the company you would work at in the game was much more fantastical. So, we would have overcharged cables that would turn printers into bombs and we even had the ability to freeze time. Ultimately, we found that having a mundane office environment worked much better for the physical humor of the game.

One thing that we tried to make work was to build a level that could also function as a race track for people to race on with office chairs and fire extinguishers. Sadly, we could not combine that layout nicely with a good puzzle level, so we had to abandon that goal.

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