Concept artist for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker says a set piece for Babu Frik was inspired by the Game Boy

Babu loves portable power

Concept artist Matthew Savage did some work for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker , including a bit of set piece design for the character Babu Frik. Savage took to Instagram to show off some of the design docs he had for Frik's workshop, and it includes an interesting tidbit for Nintendo fans.

According to Savage, one of the computer pieces designed drew inspiration from none other than the Game Boy. In the Instagram post above, you can see a wide-shot of Frik's workshop setup, which features the Game Boy-style device on the left-hand side of the piece. If you click over to the next picture, you get an even better look at the computer tech, which makes it much easier to see its Game Boy origins.

While you might not make the Game Boy connection at first glance, hearing the story from Savage makes the inspiration a lot easier to see.

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Sun Jul 05 20 03:33pm
Rating: 2

Too bad the movie wasn't inspired by quality filmmaking.

Sun Jul 05 20 09:13pm
Rating: 1

One of the worst movies ever!

Well, I liked the movie.

They should have swapped directors. Letting J.J make the second movie and Johnson concluding. The second movie feels more like a closure and the third one while entertaining felt like it rushed to have a conclusion, not helped with it having more fun than The Last Jedi.

Mon Jul 06 20 12:11am
(Updated 2 times)

That's assuming J.J. even wanted to make it... can't confirm the validity, but I've heard the reason Abrams didn't do The Lost Cause was because Disney insisted on meddling with The Farce Awakens... and only agreed to do The Lies of Not Skywalker if Disney agreed to stay out of it... a term which they agreed to, but apparently didn't keep...

If Disney was smart they would have adapted the Expanded Universe into movies and TV series, while building up around them with new material... but they're not smart...

Playing smartly isn't entirely aligned with making money. With that said Disney culture is very rigid, I suppose that's why they didn't took some ideas from Lucas, which may be also why they decanonize the expanded universe in attempts to distance Star Wars from his original creator.

I also have the notion that EA has had issues, since it's weird for as business oriented as they are, that they have only released 3 console Star Wars games.

I suppose Star Wars is hard property to make new ideas, given how both creators and fans don't seem to want to tell any sort of new stories.

Mon Jul 06 20 04:29am
(Updated 1 time)

A lot of that sounds highly plausible.

I think the expanded universe really did have a lot of good material. Unfortunately, I think Disney's goal of the sequel trilogy was to transition out Lucas-invented characters and aging actors so that what was left was fully "Disney." This was disastrous.

But I finally get what people are talking about when they say "head cannon". In my mind, what followed after the original trilogy is the Star Wars novels I read years ago.

Mon Jul 06 20 12:31pm
Rating: 1

The way I see it, the EU stuff isn't non-canon, just a different canon... lots of franchises work that way, why not Star Wars? Especially now that Disney has run their version into the ground...

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