Pinball superfan makes the ultimate Joy-Con shell for a more realistic Pinball experience on Switch

Now this is awesome

We've seen plenty of Pinball fans make some unique tabletop solutions for Switch in order to get an experience closer to a traditional Pinball table. Another fan-made solution has come onto the scene, and it might be the best yet.

The man behind Nerds & Makers has put together a 3D-printed shell that's absolutely massive in size, but mimics the dimensions and buttons of a real Pinball table. The shell lets you slot the Joy-Con in, and then has custom designs on the back of the flipper buttons that will press the Joy-Con shoulder buttons. The whole unit can then be put together with a TV in TATE mode to get the most realistic Pinball experience on Switch so far.

It's certainly cumbersome and requires a lot of work, but there's no denying the final result is absolutely fantastic.

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That's actually incredible. I love seeing cool ideas like this being built

I'm impressed that he even made the buttons, too.

The experience is not the same without those buttons!

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