Neon Abyss Free 'Lovable Rogues' Character DLC For Week 1 Purchasers

Two pieces of DLC for free!

The 'Lovable Rogues' DLC adds two bonus characters to give you some needed backup in the Abyss! They will join the eight other playable and unlockable characters to bring the total in the Grim Squad to ten!

Purchase Neon Abyss within a week from launch commencing July 14th and get the Lovable Rogues character DLC for free! After that, it will be purchasable.

Experiments of the Titan Corps, come defectors to Hades cause, these characters each bring their own unique abilities.


Saya brings a few more splashes of color to the abyss and not just with her hair! She is a master sword wielder and will paint the dungeons red with powerful sword strikes. Switch between her katana and your ranged weapon in the dungeon to destroy any foe at any distance!


Subjected to awful mental experiments, Amir can muster the power of his mind to his advantage. They are able to ascertain the exact effect of items before picking them up.

Each run Amir starts with 6 heart containers but lose one after each level, once hitting zero they are able to levitate! Be careful, Amir's only hope of survival is to collect shields!

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