WayForward says that "more River City Girls action is on the way"

What are these girls up to?

Today during Limited Run Games' showcase, the company teased something tied to River City Girls. They didn't outright say that a physical release is coming, but that's kind of Limited Run Games' thing! What else could be in the works? WayForward isn't ready to say, but they're certainly willing to tease a bit more.

WayForward followed up the LRG news by saying that "more RCG action is on the way." The company also said that they don't have any more details to share at this time, but to stay tuned for updates in the future.

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I hope if there's a sequel they beat up Sabuko's father, since on another game apparently that guy shot both of them in cold blood.

Also more Noize.

I hope this means that a sale on the original is coming soon. $14.99 is my price point. I really want this one though..

I really liked RCG so I'll be there for whatever they do next.

I loved this game so much, I would love to have more. I hope they keep the pixel art style! Those giant pixel sprites with smooth animations looked fantastic and retro at the same time. A great look and a great game.


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