GoNintendo Video - Paper Mario: The Origami King hands-on battle and partner impressions

Interest in creasing!

Paper Mario: The Origami King is just over a week away from launch, and we've got some extensive hands-on impressions for you. Check out what we think of the battle system and the return of partner characters in today's video!

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Fri Jul 10 20 01:29am
Rating: 7

It's absurd to call us a "vocal minority". We are the majority at this point. It baffles me how some Nfans live in utter denial on how bad some decisions of Nintendo have been recently. Funny in a way

Thu Jul 09 20 01:07pm
Rating: 1

With poor system battle for partners, the time limit to stack the rings, and breakable items, I don't see this game having good reviews even though the exploration and others aspects of the game looks fun. But those poor mechanics will have very harsh critics in some media and obviously many Paper Mario fans are going to hate this game a lot.

The Zelda cycle invaded Paper Mario. Anything new not The Thousand Year Door 2 (or using systems from TYYD) will be labeled shit and the previous Paper Mario gets put on the gold pedestal for daring to be different.

So many will pass by default by simply judging this game against the first two games instead for what it is. Nintendo eventually will have to Breath of the Wild Paper Mario to shut everyone up (well most people anyways).

I really hope so because Paper Mario was my favorite game as a kid and actually I liked Wii Super Paper Mario, the last two not so much but are not bad games either. The problem is that those poor game design mechanics pointed in the video (that doesnt ruin the game experience overall) western media critics hate those flaws a lot, the only few "bad BOTW Zelda reviews" are because the weapons are breakable, and many gamers also hated that, but the game overall was so epic that in the end those "flaws" didn't matter (I personally like that items are breakable because it add strategy to the game), in this case who knows if gamers in general are going to like those new ideas but Im actually worried that probably this is going to be the worst rated Paper Mario.

Thu Jul 09 20 02:01pm
Rating: 2

Not really. Most people still don't consider SS or CS good, and Super Paper Mario still has a mixed reputation.

Not really. Super Paper Mario was vindicated by history and became a cult classic (like past Zeldas post-OoT) and while most still do hate Sticker Star, Color Splash's reception is moving up from being mixed only because the hatedom have an active target against The Origami King.

Paper Mario is going through the same trappings Zelda's been through. People always disliked new Zeldas because they weren't Ocarina of Time 2 or OoT-ish enough until Breath of the Wild silenced that (for a time). And with Paper Mario, people are always disliking new ones because they're not The Thousand-Year Door 2 or TYYD-ish.

Thu Jul 09 20 01:21pm
Rating: 2

While I still will most likely enjoy this title and choose when I do and don’t want to engage in some light puzzley timing based encounters (I’m guessing some will be obligatory outside of bosses) it definitely baffles me a bit that intelligent systems continues to move this franchise down a path of battling for battling’s sake. No xp or leveling incentives.
Fight the baddies for coins... so that you can fight the baddies more quickly... so that you can get more coins.. for fighting those bad baddies I guess

Sticker Star had a frustrating core mechanic, but otherwise all the Paper Mario games have been great. This one will be too and it will sell great despite the vocal minority who complain on gaming forums.

There’s a reason this franchise keeps on coming, and it has to do with consistent sales $$$

Thu Jul 09 20 04:49pm
Rating: 1

Color Splash sold poorly, though part of that might have been because it was a title released toward the end of a poor-selling system’s lifespan.

Fri Jul 10 20 01:29am
Rating: 7

It's absurd to call us a "vocal minority". We are the majority at this point. It baffles me how some Nfans live in utter denial on how bad some decisions of Nintendo have been recently. Funny in a way

Someone here finally speaks my language.

I will never understand how fans wont allow criticism. For them Nintendo doesnt make mistakes. Following this paper mario route is obviously a mistake and they refuse to see it. If we dont speak up Nintendo will continue to make these mistakes

... Where have you been all my life?

Fri Jul 10 20 08:41pm
(Updated 2 times)

Nintendo isn't perfect, but they are trying to offer various other kinds of games to keep the gaming industry from stagnating into collapse. I'm not saying I'd buy The Origami King on day 1 of launch, but I'm not going to summarily dismiss it because it's not The Thousand Year Door 2 or a TYYD-type game.

Far too many just dismiss a game because it isn't their ideal, perfectly bubbled game. Learn to leave comfort zones. Turning one's nose against waggle cause the superior Wii Remote controls for FPS games to go away (the Joy Cons are too small for me to enjoy gyro aiming), why the 3DS ditched stereoscopic 3D, and eventually will be the reason why Nintendo will give up on the Switch's primary function. By simply refusing to try anything new if it isn't a dual-analog game with Xbox Live-type features, the same games will constantly be made or remade with anything new being very to extremely rare.

Hell you notice Nintendo has barely released any eShop only games on Switch like they did with the 3DS? Where'd all the 3DS new IPs go like Sakura Samurai? The Switch could use a new Sakura Samurai game with a different take on musical combat compared to the 3DS game.

Thu Jul 09 20 04:46pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

The main concern I have is that turn-based battle systems can be big time wasters if they don’t feel properly rewarding. Currency-only, EXP-less rewards for battles can work ok if the economy and number of encounters is tightly controlled and there are meaningful things to spend your money on (Deltarune and pacifist Undertale come to mind). But it looks like the game showers you with coins all over the place and they don’t just come from battles. I guess as the video points out, you can spend them on upping the timer, but I imagine how much players will want or need to do that will vary wildly from person to person. Plus it seems like most of the things you’ll spend your money on are temporary anyway, rather than being permanent upgrades.

It seems like there are some other really good things this game has to offer, but the core battle system still having the faults that ruined Sticker Star for me causes me to lose a significant degree of interest in this game. It doesn’t need to be exactly like the first two games, but the core mechanics need to feel rewarding for me to be interested in the game. And I don’t want to buy a game that I think there’s a good chance I might not like. Especially for a series whose devs seem to so consistently miss the mark in understanding what people like about it.

Thu Jul 09 20 08:47pm
(Updated 1 time)

I'll be honest, I'm not hugely interested in the Paper Mario series. I hope this entry satisfies most fans despite the battle system concerns.

Really I just wanted to comment to give props to RMC's terrific "interest in creasing" pun! :D

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