Paper Mario: The Origami King video round-up (gameplay, previews, and more)

I'm sure you've noticed the deluge of Paper Mario: The Origami King content that came out today. We shared our own hands-on impressions and footage as well! If you're still hungry for more, you can check out a round-up of gameplay, previews, impressions, and more below.


Hey, guys, I'm at work. Can someone tell me the general gist? Do people seem to like it? Is there exp? How do the partners work? Thanks to anyone who answers!

Thu Jul 09 20 04:55pm
Rating: 1

No EXP and partners do their own thing in battles, you have no control over them. I didn't receive that well (especialle there again being nog point in battles) so for now I have stopped watching these vids till the reviews come in but as far I have seen it seems to be received pretty well.


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