Nintendo hosting Treehouse Live event on July 10th, 2020, will feature Paper Mario: The Origami King and a new WayForward title

This is exciting!

Nintendo just surprise-announced a special Treehouse Live event for tomorrow. Nintendo will be showing off gameplay for Paper Mario: The Origami King, and they'll also reveal a brand-new Switch title from WayForward! Nintendo went out of their way to clarify, stating that WayForward’s new title is based on a third-party property, so this isn't a Nintendo/WayForward collab. The action kicks off tomorrow at 1 PM ET!


So we have this on Friday, Ubisoft's showing on Sunday and MS 1st party games on the 23rd. I wonder if Nintendo is also getting ready for a Direct soon (at least a Mini)

Thu Jul 09 20 05:50pm
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Franchise new to WayForward? Imagine if it's 2D Metroid.

I wouldn't be opposed to a Fusion remake. Would be a good way to get re-acquainted with the story before Fusion 2


Don't lose hope, my friend. Some people waited 20 years for a new Pokemon Snap to be announced. It's been "only" 18 for Fusion. There's still hope Smile

That feels like too much of a pipedream, more likely it's a third party IP. Wayforward has worked on Double Dragon, River City, Contra, and A Boy and His Blob so I know what to already rule out.

Now if it is a Nintendo IP then man that'd be surprising. Someone on twitter is already speculating Wario Land, and hey I'd be down for that. One third party IP I'd like to see them work on is Castlevania, but Konami's treatment of their IPs as of late leaves a lot to be desired.

Thu Jul 09 20 06:25pm
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Would they use a Treehouse, and Paper Mario, as a launching off point for a purely third party effort? I honestly don't know.

If Cadence of Hyrule eased them into the idea of more Indie collabs, than Wayforward would be a pretty safe bet for someone to work with.

EDIT: https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/1281354234328313856

This isn't that rumored Nintendo Direct, is it? Sad

Directs and Treehouse events are two very different things. But Treehouse events are usually there for E3 and if all we get is some Paper Mario and the new WF game it'll be a very watered down event. I'm sure Ninty have a lot of news for us. It's not like we know what's coming this fall/winter, so a Direct should be popping up sooner than later ;)

I hope you're right!

I realize I could be eating crow if it turns out Way Forward is making a really cool game with a Nintendo property... like a new Metroid or a re-imagining of Zelda 2. I'm just hungry for Nintendo's post-Paper-Mario slate and worried Nintendo will think this Treehouse event will tide us over for a few more months.

The WF game is officially a 3rd party game, so there's that.

Uhm!... Nintendo are not stupid. Animal Crossing "saved" them the first half of the year, but when Sony and S are bringing out new consoles Nintendo will need something way bigger than Paper Mario this Holiday. I wouldn't worry about news. I am sure we'll get a lot more news from Ninty after Paper Mario is out, but perhaps not in the form of a Direct. Might just drop news on games as the weeks and months go on.

I'm just waiting for more Bayonetta 3 news AND footage, really. Since it's a Nintendo event there could be a chance WayF could be in the works with a Ninty game, but... We'll see...

Nintendo! Give us a Direct soon, OK? =)

Treehouse Live is always fun! I'm looking forward to this.

I was hoping for Zelda 2. But it's Wayforward, so it's gotta be great.

Hmm... WayForward working on a game from a licensed IP? And we're getting our first look via Nintendo...

The conspiracy theorist in me says: Wario VS. Shantae! Captain Syrup and Risky Boots have teamed up and are causing all sorts of piratey mischief! It's up to Shantae to save the day! ...and for Wario to... you know... help himself to the treasures. Has platforming, treasure hunting, boss slaying, all that good stuff...

We know that's it's both a third party property and one that WayForward has not worked with before.

Oops, missed that part... *shrugs* ...oh well...

A new Wayforward title eh...wonder if its just a timed exclusive.

And what is the point of treehouse if its just two games for now?

Nintendo may of had the best of intentions but... they kind of accidently tanked Wayforward's work by spiking hype for something every expected to be uniquely Nintendo-ish but, turned out to be a license that was popular 10 years ago.

On the other hand., I like Paper Mario! It's a fresh take on the series for sure.

It looked a little on the easy side for me, but that doesn't mean much when it's a Mario game. I know that Paper Mario has had difficult moments, but this game is clearly being treated like a normal Mario spin-off, so I think I'm safe in that assessment.


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