RUMOR: Tomb Raider: The Ultimate Experience, a collection of Tomb Raider games, might be heading to Switch

Is that you, Lara?

Could Switch fans be spending some time with Lara Croft in the near future? A new rumor points to that being the case.

The image at the top of this post has been circulating lately, which states that a collection of Tomb Raider games is heading to multiple platforms, Switch included. It looks like the package will contain multiple Tomb Raider games from across generations. This would definitely be welcome for Switch owners, as Nintendo fans haven't gotten too many Tomb Raider experiences over the years.

To go along with the image, we can see that Square-Enix grabbed a trademark for "T.R.U.E. TOMB RAIDER ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE" back in 2018, and it was re-upped as of June 2020.

Anyone with knowledge of the trademark could have made the above image as a way to tease fans, but it could very well be the real deal. We'll keep snooping around to see what details we can dig up.

Thanks to Redred for the heads up!


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Thu Jul 09 20 10:32pm
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Lara Croft for Smash 2020

Thu Jul 09 20 07:48pm
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Please be true. Please be true. Please be true.

I’ve only ever played the new Tomb Raider games. I’d love the opportunity to play some of the older ones on the Switch!

The above image seems to indicate Tomb Raider 3, Anniversary, and what looks like one of the isometric dungeon crawler spin-offs. From the PS1 era I can see them including the first three or just 2 and 3 (as it looks like Anniversary, the remake of TR1, will be used instead). From the first Crystal Dynamics generation Anniversary seems like s show in but I'm hoping for Legends as well. From the second CR generation I assume they'll only include the 2013 game but maybe also Rise of the Tomb Raider.

God I hope we get the reboot series. I've been begging and pleading to play the new Tomb Raiders on Switch. Instant buy if so!

The first two should be perfectly ported as both came out on the 360. The last one I haven't played, but it's likely to be doable with some compromises.

Thu Jul 09 20 10:32pm
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Lara Croft for Smash 2020

The original link seems to think this could be every Tomb Raider game. I'm sure that's wishful thinking; I can't imagine they would do that. Either way, how much is this collection going to cost?

But will it have the GBC/GBA games?


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