5 fire-type Nexomon revealed for Nexomon: Extinction

Fire it up

PQube has shared some new details on the upcoming Nexomon: Extinction. Check out a rundown of five fire-type Nexomon below.


KOLPHUR is a scorching pebble with a magma core which also forms its one eye. When chasing them, be careful not to trip on their trail or your shoes might… melt.


PONGOS live in herds at the slopes of steep mountains, their fire wool keeps them warm in cold places.


FLIZARDS are easier to spot on hot days when they are more active. When they gather enough heat, some might shine with a bright red glow at night.


TIKI can be found in dark ruins, caves, and ancient villages. They usually stay away from towns as they can easily start a fire…

PORKLET is an adorable little Nexomon makes use of its fat to power its fire attacks!

A PORKLET will evolve into a HOGLET, which is a more agile Nexomon than it looks. They tend to hop back and forth while on battle to keep their stamina and fire going.

Finally, a HOGLET will evolve into BARBORACO! A bulked and strong Nexomon with blazing skills, Barboraco trains to keep its body fat to a minimum.

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Is this a fuckin' joke? At least have the decency to come with some original designs instead of blatantly ripping of some Pokémon.


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