Unfortunately, Paper Mario: The Origami King has leaked online

Be on the lookout for spoilers, gang. Paper Mario: The Origami King has been leaked online. All sorts of content is going to be popping up on streaming sites and social media. Please be careful when you head out online if you're trying to keep the game a secret until you play.

This goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. We won't be sharing any news, info, or content from leaked copies of the game.

Thank you to cm30 for the heads up.

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Wait was the ROM straight up leaked or were early copies datamined?

Seems like the ROM was leaked. People are starting to livestream the game on Twitch now.

And they will get copyright strikes from Nintendo for it.

Nintendo rarely issues copyright strikes, but will issue them for leaks, adult content of Nintendo IP, and pirating.

Adult content? You confused me here.

Sat Jul 11 20 04:49pm
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Generally Nintendo has cracked down on people who did porn of Nintendo IP in the past and also cracked down on people that did things like have Mario being a drunken alcoholic or Luigi being a drug dealer. Nintendo generally these days tries to let these things go unless the adult stuff threatens the business (like people who do Nintendo porn on Patreon).

Nintendo on behalf of The Pokemon Company once had to contact a porn site to change their Pokemon listings because porn results were coming up 1st on search engines instead of The Pokemon Company's sites.

Haha. Thanks for the info. Everything can be "pornofied", eh?

Nintendo should indeed issue copyright strikes for leaks and pirating.

Welp thats garbage then. Luckily Switch piracy isn't close to as bad as DS and 3DS due to Nintendo keeping up with homebrew a bit more, but its still a concern.

Fri Jul 10 20 06:13pm
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Since I wont be buying this I'm interested in listening the final battle theme and looking at the last boss. Hopefully someone will manage to get there before the jail time starts to roll for them

I wonder if the Treehouse Live presentation had anything to do with it.

Yikes! Stay safe, everyone!

Are you sure it wasn't Nintendo? They leaked Color Splash after all!

The real victim here will be smaller gaming websites, because the leaker was almost certainly using a review copy and this just leads to Nintendo offering fewer review codes.

And they booted a bunch of people from their ambassador program a month or so ago, so watch this just lead to them stopping entirely.


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