Reggie shares kind words about Satoru Iwata on the 5th anniversary of his passing

RIP Iwata

While it might seem like a short amount of time, its been 5 long years since Satoru Iwata left us. Nintendo fans still feel the loss every single day, as does former president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime. Reggie took to Twitter to share some kind words about Iwata on the anniversary of his passing, which you can see below.

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Sat Jul 11 20 02:08pm
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Iwata touched our hearts so deeply he will never be forgotten.

Five years later and Iwata's passing still hurts me to this day

Iwata was a great man, a great developer, and a great leader for Nintendo.

It doesn't really feel like it's been five years.

And he hasn't been replaced, either. Maybe because of the frequent shifting of leadership in Nintendo... but I also kind of respect that nobody's trying to "replace" Iwata.

Sat Jul 11 20 05:59pm
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I think it’s that Iwatas successors haven’t been as public or visible as he was. Like I legit actually don’t know either of their names off the top of my head. My head says “Fukushima” but I know thats the place in Japan that had that Nuclear incident a few years ago.

Even Reggies successor, Bowser, doesn’t seem as visible.

Mr. Iwata has been and always will be the greatest person in the world! Always thought of everyone else except for himself! He touched my heart and all of people too. It felt like it’s been less than 5 years...

I especially haven't forgotten all those who called for his removal, in particular during that final month. Nor am I blind to those who claim that his leadership was Nintendo's "dark age" and that we're so much better off now.

For all the times he said "please understand", there still exist those who never understood. Not what he was trying to do with gaming, nor why he ran the company as he did.

My faith in this industry remains at a very slow mend from rock bottom; we'll see how things go but gaming culture has a long way to go to redeem itself in my eyes. Let's just hope that Gen9 ends up less of an utter farce than Gen8 turned out to be.

sadly everyting point the upcoming generation with people like Cory Balrog criative Director of God of War(201Cool giving excuses for a high in price for $60 to $70-$80 will be worst then this current generation.

Games haven’t had a price increase in 10 years. The cost of making games has. Inflation has increased. Games are the cheapest now than they’ve ever been. There’s very few things that cost the same to consumers today than they did 10 years ago.

The era of DLC was born last gen because gamers don’t understand economics.

Satoru Iwata was a very blessed person and CEO unlikey everyting we have see,his ternure his ternure as CEO of Nintendo and Developer in many Nintendo games is a mark that very few CEO have the plesure of having, is really sad that Satoru Iwata is not alive to see the phenomenon of Switch with no sign of slowing down.

Sun Jul 12 20 01:46am
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I can't believe that he's gone... maybe because Nintendo has still learned from him and has used his advice ever since.

And yet, its somewhat feels lifeless without him around Nintendo.

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