Quick snippet of No More Heroes 3 off-screen footage pops up in the Devolver Direct

We see you, Travis!

Just like previous Devolver Digital presentations, today's Devolver Direct was all over the place. You never know what you're going to see, and today that included a very quick snippet of No More Heroes 3 footage. You can see the entire glimpse in the GIF above, which is barely a couple seconds long.

This is the second time Suda51 has teased No More Heroes 3 footage. The first time around, he stood in front of the gameplay the entire time, blocking most of the screen. At least this time around we can see the action!

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Xbox version. For some reason I thought this was Switch exclusive but obviously not. Probably not even the lead platform. That’s too bad.

It's probably a PC build and it's best to use xbox controllers with PC. Although I'm sure it'll release on other consoles after the initial bulk of the sales on Switch.

Could just be controller used for development purposes. I recall a handful of games having Xbox button prompts shown in trailers, even on PS versions. It's the most popular PC controller (360/One pad).

That being said, Travis Strikes Again found it's way to other platforms so it could go either way.

drew ciccotelli
Sat Jul 11 20 08:27pm
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Multiplatform No More Heroes 3 would be a bummer. I'm all for it getting ported down the line but if it's not built exclusively with Switch hardware it might get watered down. Switch owners are just the hype train it seems.

Sun Jul 12 20 06:18am
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It's obviously from a dev kit, people Smile Or do you guys think it wil ported to he Xbox 360? Smile


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