Ubisoft Forward 2020 - Live-stream/blog

Ubisoft is hosting their Ubisoft Forward event today, which kicks off with a pre-show at 2 PM ET, and the actual presentation at 3 PM ET. If anything Nintendo-related pops up, we'll make mention of it below.

- Just Dance Virtual Paradise, content for Just Dance 2020, is coming on July 23rd, 2020.

- Trials Rising is getting an update that will include a new Gigatrack, which is 'by far' the longest track the team has ever put in a Trials game. The Gigatrack comes out July 16th, 2020, and is available for free.

- Brawlhalla is getting a mobile release, and that version will be cross-play with Switch and all other platforms.

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How short this Live-stream is says more about the state of Ubisoft and Nintendo than any full article could.

Rayman is as good as dead at this point. Body parts everywhere.

Sun Jul 12 20 08:58pm
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Yep. Ubi execs wanted to kill the franchise and got their wish. Rayman isn't AAA and yet they pushed out both entries against heavy AAA contention.

I mean hell pushing Rayman Legends against Grand Theft Auto V? I'd oust the marketing genius behind that. But maybe now since Ubi is cleaning house, maybe they can get somebody not biased to Nintendo on the executive staff. Because Rayman Legends could have been very successful on an unpopular platform and could have been a potential Wii U saving grace if Ubi execs weren't so keen to sabotage the franchise and Nintendo support at every attempt.


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