Modder creates a hack that lets you play Super Mario 64 with a Kinect

Play Super Mario 64 like never before!

Back when the Wii was Nintendo's current console, the world was being taken over by motion controls. Everyone was swinging, waggling, and pointing to play the latest and greatest Wii games. Sony and Microsoft saw that motion gaming was becoming a hot trend, and they both decided to jump in. That least Microsoft to create the Kinect, which certainly put its own spin on motion gaming, but never really caught on.

While just about everyone has long since moved on from the Kinect, modder SuperLouis64 hasn't. He decided to use the unique camera to cook up a hack for Super Mario 64 that let's you control Mario by jumping and moving around. This mod leads to quite a workout for the player, but there's no denying that it looks like a fun experiment!

Thanks to NicoDarunia for the heads up!

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