GoNintendo Video Feature - Answering your Paper Mario: The Origami King questions!

Unfolding some details

Following our video preview of Paper Mario: The Origami King, we had a lengthy discussion about the game on our most recent podcast. In this video, we answer some of the questions you sent our way!

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Mon Jul 13 20 06:09pm
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Thanks for this video, RMC. It was really helpful.

I'm not really into Paper Mario, but my wife wants the game. I've been hearing good and bad about the game, but I think my wife's love for the franchise is based entirely on her N64 experience. And she loves a game with good writing.

So I think you've sold me on the game based on your endorsement of its writing. Thanks again for the video.

Thanks so much, sir! I'm really trying to come at my impressions/features based on what the game is, rather than what it's missing or what changed from Thousand Year Door.

That's a good way of approaching it, I'll admit. Though I and a few others have been a little... vocal on what we think about this new Paper Mario, I agree that it's important to judge a game based on its own merits, rather than comparing it to a previous entry. It's just... *really* hard to ignore that previous entry sometimes.


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