GoNintendo Video Review - Paper Mario: The Origami King

A cut above, or tear-able?

Paper Mario: The Origami King is the latest entry in the Paper Mario series. It aims to mesh the old-style Paper Mario titles with the determination to push forward with new ideas. Is this the perfect marriage of all things Paper Mario, or does it end up tear-able?!

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The review I have been waiting for.

I didn't want to spoil too much but if he likes it, then I think I should get it. I mean, at least it hopefully improves from Sticker Star.

I greatly, GREATLY enjoy this over Sticker Star, my friend!

GoNintendo obviously being paid by Big Paper. #savethetrees

Thanks for the well thought review

Started playing yesterday and listened to your review this morning. Just one comment: You repeatedly assumed that the main criticism people might have is the lack of an XP system. After playing for a few hours (too early to really judge, I know) I'm concerned about very different aspects:

I don't like the many time-wasting activities Nintendo likes to add recently, like filling holes with confetti, finding Toads, finding collectibles, ... Luigi's Mansion 3 has the same feel, and even Mario Odyssey does it. My interpretation is that N tries to accustom to mobile gamer's habits with their short attention span and a need for constant, instant, no-challenge rewards.

Don't like it, it doesn't feel tight anymore :/

Other than that - very tutorial-heavy, hoping that will go away later. And the ring-puzzles are not particularly fun.

Thought it would be fair to update after some more hours (2 bosses in now):

The game has totally grown on me. After the initial tutorial-flood is over, it becomes a wonderful adventure game. Not missing the RPG stats at all. Collecting things (confetti/Toads/trophies) is way less "time-wastey" than in Luigi's Mansion 3, cause those secrets are well placed, varied and often serve a purpose. Ring battles - still not amazing but not bad either, and you can avoid a lot of battles.

I do disagree with RMC on the music, it constantly feels too much. Nintendo has had way nicer and more melodic soundtracks.


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