Paper Mario: The Origami King - footage and video review round-up

Check out a round-up of reviews for the latest entry in the Paper Mario series!

Is Paper Mario: The Origami King a return to form, or is it destined to be a Sticker Star 2? Find out in our in-depth review that covers the new battle system, world map structure, story, partner characters, boss fights, humor, & tons more, including comparisons to Thousand Year Door and Color Splash! All this and more in our in-depth Paper Mario: The Origami King on Nintendo Switch!

Paper Mario: The Origami King reviewed by Cam Shea on Nintendo Switch.

The Origami King suffers from one-note combat and few real choices, but its personality and visual design are a joy.

Our verdict of Paper Mario: The Origami King
Mario should be absolutely sick of getting invited to events that actually turn out to be some kind of elaborate ruse to lure him into a trap. But, our papercraft mascot is still going on adventures at the drop of an eloquently worded letter, so it's off the "origami festival".

It feels like just yesterday that Paper Mario: The Origami King was announced. Can you believe it was just two months ago!? It's time to jump into the world or Paper Mario once again, but this time with an origami twist. Xander Morningstar played through the full adventure and has high praises and concerning criticism to share.

According to our own Ben Reeves, Paper Mario: The Origami King is a fun yet hallow adventure. Intelligent Systems' new entry in the series has a great sense of humor, but unfortunately also lacks depth due to its tiresome boss encounters and lack of character progression.

The Origami King keeps its RPG systems and character work light, but revamped combat and solid gags throughout are the course-correction Paper Mario needed.

Suriel Vazquez spent about 45 hours completing the main questline, finding most of the collectibles and secrets in every area, and at one point drawing the battle grid on a paper plate to figure out some of the more devious encounters. Review code was provided by the publisher.

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Check out 15 Minutes of NEW Paper Mario: The Origami King gameplay on Nintendo Switch, as we explore the a desert boss, stop by a cafe for a surprise, drop by a cliff side game show, encounter a Chain Chomp, and more!


I think I'll hold off on watching these for a while. I already have the game downloaded, so no need to spoil any of it for myself.


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