Yoshinoya X Pokemon series 2 campaign announced

A second round of the collab

After one successful collaborative round, Yoshinoya has announced a Pokemon series 2 campaign. This tie-up runs from July 23rd to Aug. 23rd, 2020, and includes a limited number of Pokemori gyudon that will be served daily. All Pokemori gyudon are served in Poke Ball bowls that feature a random Pokemon on the bottom of the bowl, so you won't see which you have until you finish your meal.

Along with that, Pokemori gyudon sets (Pokemori + Juice/Milk) will also come with a random Pokemon figurine. The lineup includes Eelektross, Rhydon, Donphan, Numel, Honchkrow, Rhyperior, and Hippowdon.

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