GoNintendo Video - Biped review from Any Austin

Always an interesting opinion!

The wonderful, lovely, talented Any Austin is back with another video review. This time around, he checks out the co-op platformer Biped...by himself. You know, because of...reasons.

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That rating system out of two is the absolute best XD

I can get behind that. I mean what Austin does is, he gives a random score out of a given scale that can absolutely be any kind of number or representation of it, purely based on his personal feelings, and then goes on trying to explain his feelings.

That's pretty much as good as any other rating system out there except that this one rubs all over your face that all the others are pretty inconsistent and a little crap if we're being honest. So yeah best rating system ever.

That being said, I would have rated this a 1/2. Just so you know.

We were actually talking about his ratings scale today, and he explained things exactly as you did. He was hoping people understood that. He's going to be so happy to see this comment.

I've been following Austin for quite some time now, quite A LOT of time come to think of it. God it's been years. I love his sense od humour and I think he is very talented.
I'm not saying all rating scales are bad mind you, some are pretty well done. I like what GameXplain is doing for example, it's simple and comprehensive.

Anyway, thanks for the collab RMC and also to mention your own work, thanks a ton for doing what you do in general, GN is absolutely top-notch, and specifically thanks for not rating games in your reviews Smile

I liked the review but I kinda feel bad for the devs.


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