Paper Mario: The Origami King has a game-breaking bug that can pop up late in the adventure

Don't let this happen to you!

Any game-breaking bug is a bad thing, but one that comes up towards the end of your adventure is that much worse. Unfortunately, that's what's been discovered in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

Late in the game, you'll need to get a VIP Card that let's you access a secret passage. This card is passed off to a Toad for verification, which causes the game to autosave. If you continue on your journey from there, you'll be fine. If you talk to Toad again after giving him the pass, he'll completely forget that you've done so, and the game thinks you still need to complete that task. This basically breaks your game and ruins your save file, as there's no way to progress.

Whatever you do, don't talk to the Toad again after you hit this section. Process through the secret passage and then you'll be okay to play as normal. There's no doubt Nintendo will fix this bug, but please be careful until then.


Well it can be patched, unlike Twilight Princess and Metroid Other M on Wii.

Dodged a bullet there, that's easy to do playing normally.

I'll have been mad, since the game is long, and some sections are literally climbing mountains.

What'dya know, it's Toad ruining everything again.

Thu Jul 23 20 09:40pm
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Good to know. I’m headed to the 3rd area so I’ll keep an eye out. Can someone who’s farther along please tell me that the first addition to your party, isn’t as feckless for the remainder of the game. My word that thing is dead weight.

It's like he doesn't know how to do anything.

This, plus the bug found in the recent Bowser's Inside Story remake where Luigi gets stuck in Dimble Woods just smacks of carelessness to me. I know that is a very broad statement to make which trivializes the actual artistic merit and effort put into these games, but the Mario RPG series feels like a second-class citizen now in Nintendo's eyes to be consistently having these major game breaking issues crop up.


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