RUMOR: Your Switch username may prevent you from playing Crysis Remastered

What's in a name?

Earlier today, we mentioned that Crysis Remastered has some issues when it comes to inverse options for traditional joystick and gyro controls. Those problems are certainly annoying, but at least they don't cause the game to crash. There's another issue that resulting in just that.

While not officially confirmed yet, it seems your Switch username might end up causing trouble for the game. If you have a username that has a colon in it, Crysis Remastered will wig out when you try to start up a game. You'll go to the usual loading screen, and then software will crash after about 30 seconds. Removing the colon will result in the game loading up no trouble.

Crytek hasn't commented on this matter yet, but if you find yourself unable to load the game, perhaps this name issue is getting in the way.

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I'm needing to get through some more of my backlog before I even think about downloading this, so it will likely be patched by then (and maybe even a sale price, perhaps). But, yeah, no doubt there would be an issue with me ➡ ¬(σεσ¬)



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