Brie Larson once again says she'd love to play Samus in a Metroid movie

Zero reasons not to do it

The one thing Nintendo fans have learned in 2020 above all else is that Brie Larson is a diehard Nintendo fan. She's been one for decades now, and continues to show her appreciation for the brand to this day.

Larson, seen above dressed as Zero Suit Samus for Halloween, has talked about her fondness for the Metroid series in the past. She not only loves the universe, but would like to have a crack at playing Samus in a Metroid movie adaptation. This isn't the first time Larson has expressed this desire, but in an interview with Gary Whitta on Animal Talking, she doubled down on the request.

"I would love that so much. I was Samus for Halloween two years ago. It was literally a $20 costume I bought off of Amazon, it was like nothing. I was so excited about it, and I posted a picture of it on Instagram of me and the costume, and it turned into this thing of people being like “Woah!” She was always my character that I played in Super Smash Bros. and I just loved her. So that whole thing started and I’ve definitely not put a squash to that story. I definitely want to make that movie, I definitely want to participate in that. So, Nintendo, once again, I would love to do it!"

I definitely think Larson would make for a great Samus. She has the look, and she's already very familiar with the franchise. What more could you ask for?

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Fri Jul 24 20 05:22pm
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I think a mandalorian type movie where the end reveal of a woman in the suit ala 1st metroid would be awesome. Keep the tone of alien and I'd be all about it! The movie runtime is almost a better format for that gimmick than a whole tv season anyway. I don't know much about Brie, but she keeps showing her love for Nintendo and shes a big marvel action star so why not! I would be more hyped for that than i am about the mario movie.

Fri Jul 24 20 04:45pm
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I agree. Nothing against Brie as an actress, I just don’t think she’d be a good fit for the character.

In fact I don’t think any well known actress would be because they’ll likely want face time on screen but I feel Samus is best in the traditional space suit. Unless they’d be happy with a Mandalorian type situation where you don’t see the actors face.

Fri Jul 24 20 05:22pm
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I think a mandalorian type movie where the end reveal of a woman in the suit ala 1st metroid would be awesome. Keep the tone of alien and I'd be all about it! The movie runtime is almost a better format for that gimmick than a whole tv season anyway. I don't know much about Brie, but she keeps showing her love for Nintendo and shes a big marvel action star so why not! I would be more hyped for that than i am about the mario movie.

Yeah I agree with the Mandalorian type approach. The focus should be on the character, not necessarily the person cast to play the character.

She'll at least do her research, and if she's truly passionate about it, I'm certain that she'd be more than happy to suit up. There's just the issue of scheduling around her bouts within the MCU, but these studios always find a way. Though personally I feel that Metroid has more the tone of Aliens than the original Alien (in fact, Metroid and Aliens actually came out a month apart... what a strange, happy coincidence).

Fri Jul 24 20 05:24pm
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I've been through enough Batman movies to know not to judge an actor/actress' ability to play a character until you see it. People hated the idea of Mr. Mom playing Batman until they saw it. People also hated the idea of Brokeback Mountain playing The Joker until they saw it.

The real question is whether you can find a talented scriptwriter to make the story compelling.

And a studio that doesn't then butcher their story in the name of marketability.

And we’re getting a repeat of that with the next Batman because heaven forbid someone who played a glitter vampire tackles the role.

That being said, have you seen Pattinson in The Lighthouse? He's gonna be fine as Batman.

I haven’t seen it. I don’t have any reason to doubt his ability. It’s just sad that people flip out because he was in one movie they didn’t like.

Sun Jul 26 20 09:49pm
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I hear ya. It's because of Twilight that he actually shied away from bigger franchises, only popping up in small productions until he was cast as the Dark Knight; he apparently got super pissed off when news broke early of his casting (which hadn't been 100% confirmed at that point). I feel bad for the guy; if I were him, I definitely wouldn't want to be judged by the one bad decision I made.

Oh, and see The Lighthouse, he and Willem Dafoe are amazing in it.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll look in to it for sure.

I've never seen people be more obviously biased against someone while denying it than with Brie Larson.

This would rule. You don't have to agree, but I get suspicious of motivations when people are like "I don't have a *problem* with her or anything, but I don't think she should ever be in any movies." I've seen so many obvious lies about her online, like someone claimed to have seen the Avengers 5 script, and the movie was just her berating Peter Parker and saying he wasn't good enough. And people believed it! She drives some people crazy for "no reason," and I think it's pretty clear what the reason is. Never see any women with these problems with her, for one.

I for one will openly admit that I have a bias against her, especially when it comes to playing personal childhood heroes. I would guess that most of the backlash against her has something to do with her statement of "If you don't like my movie you're sexist" comments following captain marvel. As to the "Never see any women" part, there's several if you take the time to look. Furthermore, she doesn't have their physical stature necessary to play Samus. Maybe she could do something like a teen version as a flashback with the Chozo during her upbringing, but otherwise she's just not tall enough in my opinion.

I'd say if you're taking the time to look, then you clearly have some weird issue. I can't think of any actor who didn't end up being an assaulter or pedophile I ever felt such strong negative emotions about.

Right, sorry, bad verbiage. I should have said you'll find women with the same opinion if you take the time to not walk blindly. They don't need to be sought out, they just need to not be ignored. I'm not really sure what the latter bit of your comment had to do with anything stated, so I'll refrain from comment. That said, Brie is still, in my opinion, too small in stature to keep with the character of Ms. Aran. Granted that never stopped anyone from casting Tom Cruise, but I'm not overly impressed by him either

Fri Jul 24 20 07:43pm
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Zero reasons this is “top story” worthy.

While I know height isn't the most important thing in casting a movie, I would prefer a taller actor to play Samus. We all, likely, know that a primary inspiration for Samus Aran is Sigourney Weaver (height: 6 ft) a la Ellen Ripley of Alien. If the Super Mario Bros. movie had been a hit it is entirely possible they would have tried giving other Nintendo properties a cinematic entry and, arguably, if they were casting a Metroid movie in the early 90s Weaver would have been on the short list (as well as Kim Basinger). I wouldn't doubt Larson has the chops but, at 5ft 7in....
For anyone wondering who my top choice would be, check out Elizabeth Debicki (6ft 3in!!!) and, in my opinion, her face - more importantly her eyes - just look more like Samus to me.

Fri Jul 24 20 10:28pm
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Probably and unconventional choice, but after seeing Edge of Tomorrow I thought Emily Blunt would be an awesome Samus. I doubt that would be anyone else’s first pick though.

Yes please! She has, in my opinion, the same "air" about her as Samus anyway. Great casting!

Sun Jul 26 20 04:55pm
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Emily Blunt would be my first choice. She was badass in Edge of Tomorrow and I think would nail a strong female role like that. I like Brie Larson, but my vote for a Samus actress has always been Emily Blunt.

Awesome! I guess I wasn’t as alone in my opinion as I thought.

Sat Jul 25 20 12:47am
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Movies are old news. Nintendo just needs to start really making anime of all of their IPs. Start with Fire Emblem and Splatoon.

I like the way you think. Fire Emblem is already halfway there, I’d say.

How about a Chrono Trigger anime? Toriyama’s art means they already have the perfect style.

Might wanna ask Square Enix on that last one; last I checked, they were the ones holding the rights.

Yeah I know, it’s just a game that seems like a natural fit for anime too. There’s so much Square Enix could still do with Chrono Trigger. Additionally, if I was them I’d be using the Dragon Quest XI to create a remake. They could even let you swap to the original 16 bit game like DQXI can be switched to the remake.

I don't think we'll see a Metroid movie unless Metroid itself starts being popular on atleast Fire Emblem levels.

In principle Samus in an ideal Metroid movie could be played by just about anyone. Watching her work should be like watching the monster in Predator or something.

(Productionwise you could even invert the original game by having a random stunt guy in a speedo inside the suit the whole time.)

the utility man
Sat Jul 25 20 12:37pm
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Well that image is one reason...

It's literally impossible for someone to be a bigger fan of Metroid than me. I've annoyed friends for decades going on and on. It's also literally impossible for someone to play Samus in a movie. I could go on and on about reasons why, but no need to go further than "other M". Up to that point Samus never said a word, and no need go into detail but it didn't go well. So we have one game where Samus speaks and it was a disaster but an entire Movie would somehow work out? Please...please no. Unless of course Samus never speaks, if that is possible then actually by all means do it.

Lots of haphazard uses of the word literally there.

No, it’s not impossible to make a good Metroid movie. I agree it would be challenging, especially since everyone has a different interpretation of a silent protagonist.

But one poorly made game by someone who doesn’t know how to tell a story doesn’t prove a movie won’t work.

The whole first sentence was a red flag for me. No one says that sort of phrase online and expects roaring applause.

Except this guy, apparently.

We all have our moments of internet hyperbole.

I am sadly a routine victim of that.


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