GameStop's website adds listing for Dragon Quest Heroes I and II

Is it finally happening?

For a long time now, there have been rumors of Dragon Quest Heroes I and II seeing release in the West. The rumor keeps popping up through GameStop, as their internal computer system would make mention of the game from time to time. Nothing ever came of it though.

Now the rumor is back once again, but things are a little different this time. Instead of the listing popping up through GameStop's internal system, now there's an actual listing for the game on their website. As far as we can tell, this listing has only popped up recently. It has just one tiny sentence detailing the games, and a placeholder release date, but it's something!

Thanks to Mock Turtle for the heads up!


They've had a listing to trade it in for a while now, too. I hope it comes over as I enjoy playing these games handheld, and i could never bring myself to play the PS4 version of II knowing it had less content.

Sun Jul 26 20 05:34pm
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Wait, Dragon Quest Heroes II has less content than the first? This statement confuses me.

No, DQHII on PS4 has less content than the Switch version, mainly Ragnar playable in the Switch version only who I really like a lot.

if they're really releasing it after all this time, hopefully they'll improve the improve the frame rate in the second game a little

Doubtful. Unless the framerate is absolutely atrocious like Dynasty Warriors 9 going down to single digit framerates, Omega Force rarely makes performance patches. Plus the game is 3ish years old now, so Omega Force will have long moved on from it.

We've gotten so much Dragon Quest love on the Switch I could have sworn this was out in the west already oO

I honestly don't know if I even care anymore...


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