Analogue Pocket preorders open soon, shipping delayed to May 2021

A pricey retro portable

Good and bad news about the Analogue Pocket, the new hardware that lets you play GB/GBC/GBA games. Preorders for the portable will open up at 11 AM ET on August 3rd, 2020. You can get the portable for $200 and a TV dock for an extra $100. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until May 2021 at the earliest to actually get the product. Analogue says things have been pushed back to May 2021 due to the “global state of affairs.”

For those who do want to snag a preorder, you'll be able to do so through this link.

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I can not wait to get this! I'll be preordering as soon as it is up. Bummer it got delayed, but it is what it is

Mon Jul 27 20 04:40pm
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The shipping delay killed all my interest in this product. How the fuck do you tell people up until today it'll ship out in 2020, when it's been known for months that there could easily be some sort of delay or bump due to the world being shit. No way in hell I'm giving a company I'm unfamiliar with money nine months in advance for something I won't even see for nearly an entire year, especially if it's not open preorder and feels more like a weird, lame attempt to crowdfund in disguise.

MAYBE I'll get the GG adapter to have it on hand in case it sells out and is out of stock come may, since the main objective for me is to get the option to record Game Gear footage with this thing, but I'm just thinking of buying a Super Game Boy 2 or action replay on Gamecube for recording Game Boy titles. Pretty disappointing that they botched how they handled it..

Mon Jul 27 20 06:30pm
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I went over and looked at the site and this device is even cooler than I thought... With adapters it can also play Neo Geo Pocket, Atari Lynx, and Game Gear. Also, people can make their own games that are compatible with the device. It really does look like a cool little item.

But it's a bit spendy and too far off for me to want right now. I'd prefer to see some reivews of it before I drop that kind of money.

The shoulder buttons are too small and the game slot should have been on the bottom instead of the top.

I'm not going to preorder it so far in advance tbh.
Is this thing limited? Or do I still have a chance if I want to buy it next year?


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