SnowCastle Games says they'll "certainly try" to bring Earthlock 2 to Switch, but can't promise anything

Not out of the question

As we mentioned earlier today, SnowCastle Games is running a special sale on the first Earthlock game in honor of the sequel being announced. That sequel was only announced for next-gen, but could a Switch version happen? According to SnowCastle themselves, it's not out of the question.

Unfortunately, as of now, we can't promise it. We certainly will try, but especially the RAM on Nintendo Switch makes it very hard to squeeze in the game.

If the game does come to Switch, it'll obviously be after the other versions. We'll keep our fingers crossed for this one.

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I wonder how many more games would be on Switch right now if they had gone with 6 GB of RAM (with the 1 GB of OS usage would have been basically what the PS4/Xbox One used).

Several I guess, but not too many. But I'm still impressed about some ports like The Witcher 3 on Switch (from what I have seen). But what specs, and thus RAM, will their next system have is interesting question.

Mon Jul 27 20 09:15pm
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RAM is definitely their bottleneck, both in terms of capacity and bandwidth, but I'm hopeful they'll take that into account next time around.

Still worried they'll go for something like 8GB over 12 next time around...

No tech-wiz (anymore) here, but I hear the CPU ain't so fancy either. Some say it would have issues with GTA5 even because of CPU has to work constantly with the big city. Again, tech-wizard.

Still worried they'll go for something like 8GB over 12 next time around...

Wouldn't surprise me if they went with 6 Smile

But sure hope not.

The slower your memory, the worse your CPU performance is going to get because a lot of CPU cycles are wasted waiting for data to be received from memory, so high memory bandwidth is just as important as cpu speed.

So Sony are closing the gaps with faster parts, basically...?

Mon Jul 27 20 09:15pm
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Indie companies not used to working with Nintendo systems seem to find them very hard to work with. I remember seeing similar talks about Lethal League Blaze on the Switch, and Lab Zero completely passed on the Wii U and wound up delaying both the Skullgirls and Indivisible Switch releases due to running into programming roadblocks. A Hat in TIme was released without much difficulty, but its filesize is enormous and will crowd out your memory space unless you get a higher-capacity micro SD card.

Apparently, the developers of Eiyuden Chronicle are hoping Nintendo will release its Switch successor by the time they're done, and they'll port it to that, as they're totally stumped as to how to make it work on the Switch (and how other companies do it).

Meanwhile some other indie companies, like 13AM and Shin'en, optimize so well that they almost take it as a challenge.

I appreciate the honesty and the willingness to at least try.


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