Nintendo removing hacked dream islands from Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What a nightmare

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' most recent update allows islanders to visit dream islands of other players, but Nintendo wants to make sure that those dream islands aren't up to any funny business.

Multiple players have reported that their dream islands have been deleted due to hacked content. Nintendo is sending emails to those players letting them know that their dream islands were removed due to violating the Nintendo Account User Agreement. While the hacks may technically not be hurting anyone, Nintendo doesn't want players visiting hacked dream islands in general.

If you're planning on letting people visit your dream island, you better make sure you're playing as intended!


That's it? Just a simple e-mail, not a ban?

Sat Aug 01 20 08:29pm
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Who said ban?

The dream save of their islands were removed. That is all. It really helps to keep things in context than calling afoul.

Yeah, the dream islands were deleted and they were sent an e-mail about it. That's a slap on the wrist, imo. If there is nothing to worry about other than receiving an e-mail and no risk of a ban, I wouldn't let that stop me from getting whatever items are causing it.

For the record I don't play with anyone that has a modded system.

Violating the Nintendo Account User Agreement doesn’t necessarily mean “hacks”.

In other news, the term “hack” really lost all meaning these days. There are no Animal Crossing “hacks”. Manipulating a software bug, or sometimes not even a bug just missed in design, isn’t “hacking”.


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