Beyond Good and Evil getting hybrid live-action/animated feature film on Netflix

Bravo, Jade

Ubisoft and Netflix have announced that a Beyond Good and Evil movie is heading to Netflix. The movie will be handled by Detective Pikachu director Rob Letterman. According to early information, the movie will be a “hybrid live-action/animated feature.” It will be produced by Jason Altman and Margaret Boykin of Ubisoft Film & Television.

As it stands right now, the film is in “early development,” with Letterman and the producers currently searching for a writer.


No no no. Finish BG&E2 before you start something new. Talk about lies lies lies.

BG&E2 is nothing like the first so I really don't care.

That's nice but I'm still excited for it if they finally finish it.

Fri Jul 31 20 09:02pm
Rating: 2

Hopefully it had nothing to do with BG&E 2. I hated what I’ve seen of the sequel and its obnoxious, foul mouthed characters. None of the charm of the original.

Yeah, it's like they felt the old game was too simple or something. Since it seems it mainly taking that world and blowing it up. Contrary to how the original game was following one character and seeing that world through her eyes.

From the teaser it seemed like they had a great idea for the sequel. And I think they did, but then wanted to make it modern and so darn "cool".

They also show it too soon. There's little to gather about the gameplay loop. It was sold as a game as a service with huge online component. We saw them demo the monkey with a jetpack.

The original was kinda like a Rare adventure game like Jetforce Gemini or Star Fox Adventures. So I don't know what to expect, it took the excitement out of me that it seems like it'll try to do a lot of things, instead of having core gameplay mechanics and be storydriven.

Kinda like Watchdogs they're I get the feeling they're trying to make a game to appeal to the most people as possible following trends rather than tell a story. (To be fair Ubisoft still hasn't learned how to make endings so even if it had a story it'll probably end with cliffhanger bait).

Too early yes. After the not so good trailer(s) I am unsure about this one in so many ways. I have yet to fnish the firt one, come to think of it. My GC is ready.... ANyway, what I see is that the want to make this for the "cool kids" rather than actually continuing the story of the first one. They did show a "tech demo" of sorts, but that was also waaay too early, so it really didn't say much. We'll see, I guess. Could be good, but I'll hold on to that scepticism of mine.

Fri Jul 31 20 10:16pm
Rating: 1

World building is fine, I generally like when that’s done. It’s the shift in tone I didn’t like. That obnoxious chimp instantly killed my interest in BG&E 2.

This is such welcome news. I thought Detective Pikachu was great (apart from the ending which was really weak), and I’ll look forward to watching this on release.

As for Beyond Good and Evil, I’m surprised people have so little faith in Michel Ancel. He is a fantastic game designer and basically has an “anti-Ubisoft” mentality. He’s probably the most Nintendo-like designer not working for Nintendo. I for one am looking forward to BG&E 2, and hope he takes long enough to release it on Nintendo’s next console.

3 years since the reveal of the game, and nothing of significance has been shown since then. As someone who was hyped about the announcement, this is a slap in the face for me.

They clearly showed it too early.

Also on that note; wasn't the director also making a game were you turned into animals and had a snake lady at the end of the demo?

Ah, Beyond Good and Evil... the game that was underrated at launch, overrated several years after, and then mismanaged for the rest of our lives.

I suspect Ubisoft has discovered that half of what made BG&E so special was pretentious game journalists gushing over it. The other half--the imaginative cast and colorful world--is not that special in 2020. Maybe working on a movie will give them time to figure things out.


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