RUMOR - New images of Pokemon Unite surface

Another peek at the upcoming MOBA

Pokemon Unite's reveal didn't exactly go over well, with fans disliking/downvoting the game into oblivion. That said, the project continues on, and today some rumored new screens have found their way online.

These new screens give us a better idea of how the various menus are set up, and also showcase some Pokemon that weren't in the official reveal trailer. There's also one more peek at what things look like during gameplay.

Whether these new screens are legit or not remain to be seen, but either way, it's quite unlikely fans will be happy with what they see.

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The thing that confuses me the most is that Charizard is missing from the character select, but someone has it selected, among showing up in half the screens too. It shouldn't be above Venusaur, where it gets cut off, either.

As for the Pokemon not announced, Greninja is basically guaranteed at some point and Zeraora would be fine. I dearly hope its fake or early cut/replaced stuff for the other two though. Besides not needing more random Gen 1 Pokemon when its already 8/10 of the confirmed roster, I dont see Wigglytuff doing anything Clefable wouldn't already do, and Slowbro would have enough overlap with Blastoise, slow bulky water, to be an extremely uninteresting choice so early, especially being the 3rd water type in a game with so few options.


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