GameSpot Video - How Nintendo’s Greatest Failure Led To The Switch

Never forget the Wii U

The Wii U is Nintendo’s greatest console failure, but, in hindsight, was a fortuitous misstep that led to one of its greatest achievements.

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Mon Aug 03 20 02:28pm
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I always thought that there greatest failure was the virtual boy

Mon Aug 03 20 02:55pm
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Probably depends on the metric. In terms of units sold, sure the Virtual Boy is the clear loser.

But if you take into account coming off the high of the Wii, the level of expenditure sunk into the Wii U and the cost of the games developed for it I’d say the Wii U, overall, was more of a failure and cost Nintendo more cash. Their R&D spend on Wii U was likely more than Virtual Boy.

I know they don’t sell consoles at a loss, but that doesn’t account for the cost in developing the hardware, software and everything that goes with it before it even hits store shelves.

That said, the Wii U had some of the best games in its respective franchises. Especially since Mario Kart 8 and BOTW are both Wii U originals that were ported to Switch.

Sometimes I forget Breath of the Wild was a Wii U game. Since I picked it up for Switch, it feels like Wii U didn’t have an original Zelda game at all.

well Wii U still have the remake of Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, unless, Nintendo decided to bring both the remake of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess to Switch for the 35th anniversary of the francise.

What do you mean? Wind Waker HD wasn't an original Zelda game either.

I mean their was Hyrule Warriors...lol

It will hopefully with BOTW2. Like Twilight Princess being a GC game and Skyward Sword being the native Wii Zelda

Tue Aug 04 20 02:21am
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The problem with sites like IGN and Gamespot is that their journalist have bought into the "Console Wars". If a console is not first or second place then it's trash. We all know that the Wii U did not sell alot of systems, less than 20 million. Yet it did sell alot of software for a small install base.

Mario Kart 8 8.45 million pcs

Super Mario 3D World 5.84 million pcs[

New Super Mario Bros. U 5.80 million pcs

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 5.37 million pcs.

Nintendo Land 5.20 million pcs.

Splatoon 4.95 million pcs.

Super Mario Maker 4.01 million pcs.

New Super Luigi U 3.05 million pcs.

The Legend of Zelda:
The Wind Waker HD 2.31 million pcs.

Mario Party 10 2.23 million pcs.


Again it all depends on your qualifier and how you decide to present the information. For example, you could say Mario Kart 8 was sold for almost 50% of all Wii U consoles sold. That sounds very impressive doesn’t it? Compare that with Mario Kart Wii which only sold for around 37% of all Wii consoles. Presenting just that data gives the impression the Wii U version did better. But it didn’t. It’s all relative.

It’s hard day for absolute certain if the Wii U was a “failure” or not. And by failure, I mean did Nintendo come out with a net loss all things considered. Well never have all the data to know that.

Personally the Wii U had great games. I’m not a fan of the UI or Gamepad, but the games were amazing.

with the aysimitral feature of Wii U, i consider Wii U kinda like a prototype of what Switch is now today.


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