Pokemon Sword/Shield art director shares a tribute to Pokemon Colosseum (UPDATE)

Remember this one?

Pokemon Sword and Shield art director James Turner has shared a lot of tribute art in recent months, but today he's put up something tied to a title from years ago.

As you can see above, Turner shared a tribute to Pokemon Colosseum, which was actually the first Pokemon game that Turner worked on! The game definitely has its fans out there, and I'm sure all of them are happy to see a nod to the entry with a piece of art.

UPDATE - Mr. Turner has now shared a piece of tribute art for Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness as well.

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You can say what you want about Colosseum and XD not being as good as the Pokémon Stadium games, but they're still solid games. Especially Colosseum with its Battle Mode if you bring Pokémon from your GenIII versions.


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