Nowhere Prophet devs say opening weekend sales for the game on Switch were 95% higher than sales on PS4

That's a huge difference!

While the rules about devs releasing sales data on their Switch eShop games is a little fuzzy, we can still get indicators of just how well a title on Switch is doing. Sharkbomb Studios, developers for Nowhere Prophet, have shared some info on the game's Switch debut.

While we don't know how many units the game sold, it does seem that Switch owners were much more interested in the game than players on other platforms. According to the dev team, the opening weekend sales for the game on PS4 were just 5% of the total weekend sales on Switch. That's an absolutely insane difference between platforms, and once again shows why smaller devs are so willing to flock to Switch.

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I think there is a bit of a miscalculation here.
Sales for the game on PS4 were 5% of the sales on Switch, that means the game on Switch sold 20 times higher.
So the sales on Switch represent 2000% of the sales on PS4.
Or you could also say, the sales on Switch were 1900% higher than on PS4.

interesting to see how hard the Playstation fanboys try to argue why the game sold so bad on ps4... its very simple to answer, ps audience is not that interested in smaller indie games.


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