Super Nintendo World's future outside of Japan might be in question due to Universal pausing plans for Epic Universe expansion

Well this is bad news...

While Super Nintendo World is moving ahead at Universal Studios Japan, there may be some major trouble for other versions of the park in the future.

Universal had previously announced that their Epic Universe park plans were delayed due to the pandemic. Super Nintendo World was going to be part of the Epic Universe in Florida, making it one of the key attractions. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic causing a dramatic drop in revenue, Universal has placed Epic Universe on indefinite hold.

The company specifically said that they're "continually adjusting cost base and capital, including pausing development of Epic Universe project in Florida until the future becomes more certain.”

Without Epic Universe going forward, it's hard to know what will happen with Super Nintendo World outside of Japan. No mention of progress for the Hollywood location was mentioned, so perhaps that's continuing as planned. Hopefully the company is able to turn things around once the pandemic is officially behind us, and all versions of the park outside of Japan can proceed as originally announced.

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Mon Aug 03 20 04:45pm
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Silver lining.... One less reason to ever go to Florida.

Craaaaaaaaap. I've been REALLY hoping it would reach the states.

Universal Studios Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World is still in the works, so don't worry about missing out too much, thankfully

oh no! i wanted so much to visit the Super Nintendo World of Florida if one day i visit USA again.

2020 strikes again...

Mon Aug 03 20 07:23pm
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So long as you have politicians who choose not to believe in science and favor economy/money over health and human lives, this will continue to happen.

We could have had this contained by now.
But, Florida (and the USA) being itself, COVID isn't going anywhere.

Tue Aug 04 20 03:03am
Rating: 2

I work on the Universal Studios lot and my parking garage is literally right next to the Nintendo World construction. Although I've been working from home the past 4 months, people I know there who still are going in tell me they're still working on it. It was decently far along as far as foundation goes when I left to work from home, though.

BIGGUMBY that's very interesting. From what we know, and the interest it's gathered so far, I'm almost certain this venture is gonna be an uphill battle for Nintendo. My personal opinion, is that it's going to be a little disaster. Thankfully, Nintendo isn't doing it by themselves, and so they're not gonna be taking the blow alone.


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