Atelier Ryza 2 producer talks sequel challenges, character designs, map exploration, and more

A fleshed-out sequel

As we mentioned earlier, 4Gamer sat down for an interview with Atelier Ryza 2 Producer Junzo Hosoi to get some details on the upcoming sequel. We already covered the surprise sequel reveal, but now we have some tidbits about the game in general. Check out the details below.

- Gust struggled with deciding how much time would have passed since Atelier Ryza 1‘s ending
- the team eventually decided on three years
- Hosoi said if there’s a third game, it won’t necessarily be Ryza for a third time as protagonist
- he also said a third game won’t necessarily take place three years later again
- many players told Gust via feedback that items in the first Atelier Ryza feel useless in battles
- in Atelier Ryza 2, the battles will give more importance to items and will be closer to the rest of the Atelier series
- players also said the jump function in the first game was useless
- because of this, maps of Atelier Ryza 2 have an emphasis on three-dimensional exploration
- the team added underwater swimming, the Lupin the Third grappling hook, climbing, and other actions
- you’ll be able to collect materials underwater as well
- photo mode will be available from launch in Atelier Ryza 2
- Toridamono worked tirelessly on this sequel’s character design
- there was a point in development when the team spent seven hours a day in online meetings over designs
- Toridamono made tons of different Ryza designs for this sequel, having trouble deciding on her look three years later
- Hoisoi jokingly mentioned Toridamono drew Ryza’s thighs sometimes thinner, sometimes thicker than the final design
- the royal capital is a developing city mixing many cultures, completely different from Ryza’s Kurken island
- the city also has heat haze because of its stone pavement, reinforcing the summer-like atmosphere
- certain places in the city are more developed than others too
- Ryza is also a countryside person visiting such a huge city for the first time, so the game will properly reflect that too


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