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Hot Wheels reveals their upcoming slate of Mario Kart toys

A whole new slew of Hot Wheels action
by rawmeatcowboy
04 August 2020
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Hot Wheels has had a lot of success with their Mario Kart line of toys, and they're continuing it moving forward. During a Comic Con virtual panel, the Hot Wheels team had this to share.

- Cat Peach in a standard kart
- Diddy Kong with a pipe frame kart
- new line of karts paired with gliders and drivers
- this line includes Toad in the P-Wing kart with the plane glider and Yoshi in the sports coupe with the parafoil glider
- gliders are removable
- Yoshi egg "blind bags" with a random Yoshi with a standard kart
- the top of the egg comes off and you can have Yoshi displayed in the bottom of the egg
- eight Yoshis will be available