Carrion's Switch icon gets an update

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When Carrion originally released on Switch, quite a few people took issue with the game's icon, which you can see on the left in the image above. People complained that the icon was a bit too vulgar, and were also likening it to some private parts of the body. It seems these comments made their way to publisher Devolver Digital, as they've confirmed that a new logo has been implemented. That's the image you see on the right in the picture above.

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I don't see why anyone would take offense to something like that........ ...

To me it looks like a .... uhhh... very infected "human hole" if you catch my cold.
I don't think it is offensive, just something you might not enjoy looking every time you turn on the console.

has anyone in the games industry actually seen a vagina in their life?
not gonna complain, the new one looks better, but still lmao


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