Composer David Wise says Nintendo allows for 'freedom and creative expression' in game music

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If you're a Nintendo fan, you've no doubt heard the music of David Wise. While Wise never worked at Nintendo, he did provide soundtracks for some of their biggest franchises, including Donkey Kong Country.

In a ComicBook.com interview with Wise, we get to just how free he was to create the music he wanted to for projects like Donkey Kong Country.

There is always welcome guidance from Nintendo. There is also a huge amount of freedom and creative expression. I have consistently found that Nintendo are very happy to let creativity breathe and flourish, especially for first drafts, and then possibly suggest changes or give ideas to reflect the development of the rest of the game.

Along with that, Wise was asked if he'd like to compose for the Donkey Kong Country series again, if a new installment came along. Wise's answer should surprise no one!

I’d obviously be delighted to be involved again if ever the opportunity were to come up in the future.


God PLEASE let us receive a new DKC soon. Donkey Kong Country: Return of the Kremlings.

Bring back the Kremlings (obviously), animal buddies, David Wise, and get more varied bonus rooms and it will become the greatest game of all time. Even if Retro cant develop it since they are busy working on Prime 4 and squandered 6 years of development after Tropical Freeze released in 2014. But that doesn't mean Monster Games, Next Level, Playtonic, or even Nintendo themselves couldn't continue the franchise.

Tue Aug 04 20 05:46pm
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Bring back Kiddy Kong as well.
Love the new DKC games. Problem is they are based on DKC1, whereas DKC2 and DKC3 were superior games.
Would love to see the Kremlins return as well.

Tue Aug 04 20 06:07pm
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I dont agree. Kiddy Kong was just a bad facsimile of DK created to let them have their new OC star in the next game without using the titular character of the series to take away from her. With the games focusing on DK, which i personally think they always should have, Kiddy really doesnt need to be around anymore.

I always saw Chunky as the grown up version of that character. It's also funny how only Tiny stuck around after 64.

While it's true that KK was a facsmile infant version of Donkey Kong, I still think it's a fun character and Iove his ability to roll on the water.

He was too Kiddy for my hardcore game. I suppose, that's part of the reasoning.

You mean Nintendo doesn't restrict him of having to use a note progression that already exists in a Nintendo game?


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