Bloomberg sources say Nintendo plans to push Switch production to 25 million units this fiscal year

Cranking those bad boys out

While we're just hours away from Nintendo financial results for the first quarter of the new fiscal year, analysts are still sharing some more expectations on other tidbits of Nintendo's business. Bloomberg put together a feature that shares some supposed insight, which we've summarized below.

- Nintendo is raising its target for Switch production to around 25 million units this fiscal year
- assembly partners plan to work at maximum capacity through December to make this happen
- plans could still change by adjusting output in the January-March quarter if demand begins to taper

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Thu Aug 06 20 04:32am
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That’s a massive amount of Switch’s being manufactured. Makes you wonder just what the heck they have up their sleeve that’s going to be released? I’m interested to know what their line up is for this holiday season...

I doubt this could be achieved what with the current situation and all.

This financial quarter results we got had no major new releases and it sold 166% better than the same period last year. Hardcore fans want big new games to buy a system, but the non-hardcore just want to have some fun and will usually make such purchases around the holiday season (just look at Nintendo's data for the holiday quarter compared to the other quarters). Given the much more friendly price of the Switch, the amount of games available and how the evergreen titles keep on selling, I don't think they need a huge new game to get people to buy Switches at the moment.


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