The Girl from Arkanya hits Kickstarter goal, officially heading to Switch

Marisa and her capybara companion are heading to Switch!

The Girl from Arkanya is a top-down treasure hunting RPG, mimicking the style and feel of 2D Zelda games. Explore the jungles of Amazonia as Marisa, alongside her capybara companion!

The Girl from Arkanya is the tale of Marisa, an aspiring young adventurer with her sights set on becoming the world’s greatest treasure hunter! She is accompanied by her capybara companion, and you will need to use both characters together in creative ways to solve puzzles and challenges. But treasure hunting can be a risky business! As Marisa ventures further in to untamed wilds and dark dungeons, you must constantly weigh risk versus reward as one wrong step could mean losing everything.

The base funding goal for The Girl from Arkanya was just $10k, and that was hit easily. That means the game is officially heading to Switch! There's still plenty of stretch goals to hit, though. You can check out details on those here.


"Mimicking" is an understatement. A good bit of this looks like a complete ripoff with only minor changes.


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