Kickstarter launched for Into The Eternal, a spiritual successor to Zelda II that's aiming to release on Switch

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Into The Eternal is a massive action RPG from Zero Infinite coming to all major gaming platforms later this year. It is heavily inspired by classic adventure games of the 80's, but without the technical limitations of hardware to hold it back.

Into The Eternal hearkens back to the days of simple stories in video games - while also offering a large mythology and depth for players that seek more. Towns will be a huge source of information. Characters and books can teach you the lore of the world, and even help you out on some of the mysteries you might need to find lost treasure. Some players will crave that depth, others may just want to get to the next fight as quickly as possible. The challenge is to make sure both types of players get exactly what they want out of the game.

Into the Eternal is looking to bring in $10k to release on Switch. You can check out the full Kickstarter here.

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Not bad looking! It's something I probably won't back but if it gets complete and I hear good things about it, I'd consider buying it.

But this makes me want an ACTUAL successor to Zelda 2.

Sounds neat but I find it odd that at the top it says the Kickstarter's coming from someone in Tokyo, Japan but at the bottom it shows it's a new studio out of Austin, Texas.

I'm not sure if that's an accident or something more intentional.


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