GoNintendo Thought: What are you playing this weekend?

Hope you had a great week, my friends. I also hope you have lots of gaming fun ahead of you this weekend!
As always, thanks for reading.

Through work, chores, and other obligations, we made it. The weekend is here, my friends! That means it's time to play some games! I hope you have a lot of great stuff lined up for yourself this weekend. Here's what I'm planning on spending time with.

I can honestly say that at the start of this week, I had no idea I'd be playing Fortnite again. I played the game for roughly 2 years when it first came out, and then I eventually shelved it. This was because I played online with friends, but our schedules fell out of sync, and we couldn't find the time to meet up online anymore. Playing online alone was still fun, just not as much fun.

It took a bit of time, but the stars have aligned, and now we can all jump in again on the fun once more. The game has certainly changed over the last couple of years, but the core gameplay remains the same. I've slipped right back into the action and have been having a blast!

I honestly think that's all I'll be playing this weekend! Something else might pop up, but I don't have any other titles in mind right now.

What are you playing this weekend? Hit us up in the comments below and share your plans.

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Probably an occasional game of Fall Guys, and if I have time, continue to chip away at Shadow Hearts: From the New World. That's really it, probably.

Fri Aug 07 20 08:42pm
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I got the platinum trophy on Bloodstained so I’ve decided to switch gears a bit and move on to Atelier Ryza. I’ve never played an Atelier game but my brother in law speaks highly of the series. It helps that Ryza is a cutie (I’m a sucker for that). Otherwise I’m still playing Animal Crossing daily.

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga. I'm planning to go through the first 3 games again.

Not the 3DS remakes (of 1&3)?

Nah. I prefer the art style of the original versions, and I don't like the gameplay changes overall. Hearing the remastered Superstar Saga ost would've been nice though.

cheesus 2
Fri Aug 07 20 10:34pm
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I had never played a single Halo game until last week. I got the Master Cheif collection for PC and played through 1 2 3 and Reach. I was surprised how much Halo CE was inspired by Half Life. I got some series HL vibes playing though it. 2 3 and Reach felt more like a linear military game.

I'm glad to finally play them, but felt like it is a series I can live without.

Platinumed Ghost of Tsushima. Not sure what to play next. Just played some rounds of Modern Warfare, but will see what I want to play next.

Some Paper Mario: Origami King, Doom 64 .and Metal Slug X so far. Xenoblade Chronicles DE has a few hours for me I'm sure.

Sat Aug 08 20 07:32am
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Okay, is Doom 64 any good? It's dirt cheap right now and I'm not sure if I should get it. To give you an idea of what my Doom standards are, I love both 1 and 2, liked 2016, did not like 3 too much and I'm still waiting for Eternal on the Switch. Between the two original games, 2 definitely is my favorite for its more open and complex maps and general atmosphere. Do you think I would enjoy 64?

I can say that based on what you're saying, you're more likely than not to enjoy Doom64.

Thanks ! I think I'll just give it a go then.

I've played a few levels in Doom 64 so far and it's as Doom as you can get. Controls are a bit different but overall it's a great follow up to the original games.

Thanks for the advice, i'm probably just going to give it a go while it's on sale.

It really is a steal at that price. Plus if you already own the others you don't have to sign up for anything. It got HD Rumble, gyro controls if you want. They added some good stuff and $2.49 is really a gift

Titan Glory. It's on the Switch eShop for 5 bucks. Basically a cheap, easy Titanfall 2 but with just the titans. It's a little rough around the edges, and unfortunately there's no gyro aiming that I know of, but I am having an absolute BLAST with this game, it's so fun to just jump online and start shooting rockets at someone!! It's a little slower paced so it really, really gels well with me.

I should receive a copy of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story for DS in the mail tomorrow. I plan on maybe starting that, but I'm gonna pick up Paper Mario: The Origami King Sunday!

And as always I'm playing Dragalia Lost and Pokemon GO on mobile. I might sneak in a little ACNH too, but I can't say that it'll happen for sure.

Titan Glory looks pretty great for mech fans. I might take a risk with it if you're have that good a time with it.

Maybe finishing up Saints Row IV!

Animal Crossing New Horizons, Paper Mario Origami King, Mario Kart Tour, Street Fighter V Champion Edition and The Avengers PS4 beta.

Maybe I'll manage to wrap up Paper Mario: The Origami King.
The game would be amazing if not for the boring and frustrating battles.

I think the battles are okay. The puzzle aspect makes them less boring than your usual turn based snore fest and the fact that they are not at all mandatory since there is no xp also helps. The game clearly does not intend for you to fight every single enemy you see on a given map. And that's actually a good thing. The game is more of a point and click with light rpg and puzzle elements than a rpg now, and I think it works pretty well.

Well I finally got that Streets of Rage 4 retail copy so that's I'll be playing this weekend, plus some Paper Mario. Excellent games, both of them.

Pretty much just Smash online. Got really into again since the Min Min DLC dropped.

Really wish they’d patch in voice chat with strangers. You can tell some people are really respectful and good sports through the pre-match/post messages and behaviour in game (self-destructing to even things out when you make a clearly accidental self destruct yourself early on a game etc.). It’d be great to be able to talk properly!


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