EDGE review scores for issue 349

Paper Mario takes top honors

The latest EDGE review scores are in. See how well games did in issue 349 below.

Paper Mario: The Origami King - 8
Deadly Premonition 2 - 4
Beyond a Steel Sky - 6
Carrion - 6
Roki - 7
Othercide - 8
Maid of Sker - 5
Before I Forget - 7

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Wait...Paper Mario broke the dreaded 7/10 for all Nintendo games?

Yeah well, it is really good. I'm in the middle of it right now and it's pretty great. It's incredibly imaginative and creative.

Never played a Paper Mario game, so can't day much about them, but one thing for sure about Origami King: It looks amazing visually.

It only gets more impressive the further you get into the game. They just did a mind-boggling amount of work to make the visuals work so well on switch and it really is almost reason alone to buy the game and see the world they created.

It's the Nintendo magic. They have actual magicians working for them =D

I should, perhaps, play the first PM game before I go for this one, but I don't know... As you say the visuals here are almost reason enough to go for it. My backlog and current games I'm "maining" do not agree though hehe

Considering it's Edge, we can add another point for being Nintendo and 2 other points for just being Edge. So it's actually an 11 out of 10


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