Xbox's Phil Spencer heaps praise on Nintendo, says they're magical, masterful, and have the 'strongest first party pedigree out there'

Nintendo must be blushing!

It looks like Nintendo might have a new, unofficial spokesperson, and his name is Phil Spencer.

As we mentioned earlier in the week, Xbox's Phil Spencer was set to appear on Gary Whitta's Animal Talking a live talk show that takes place in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Spencer's stint on the show was filled with praise for the Big N, which you can read below.

Hollywood screenwriter and one-time games journalist Gary Whitta has had some cool guests on his Animal Crossing-themed Twitch show Animal Talking, and the most recent episode featured one of gaming's most high-profile executives – Xbox's Phil Spencer.

...the pure thing about what Nintendo does, is they think about games, and they think about their hardware and their platform all as one thing, and build those experiences – and I know the teams there pretty well – and I think it's magical the way they're able to create a complete Nintendo experience on their devices, and this experience I'm looking at right here, in my hands, on my Switch, is Animal Crossing. From the Switch running it to the game itself to the way you go to other peoples islands...

In entertainment business, you know, most things don't turn out to be huge successes so there always has to be some amount of surprise, but Nintendo is just masterful at what they do, and I've said it before, I think they have the strongest first party pedigree out there and strength, and they're a jewel for us in the games industry and something we should protect.


He's up to something I don't know what it is but he's up to something.

So Phill, How come Nintendo doesn't influence you to like...develop actual first party Xbox games?

I don't know what to say man, this just bought a whole bunch of studios in the last few years to do just that.

And there still isn't much of what they're doing unless I'm missing something...

I mean even that Battletoads game they are developing isn't even from a first-party studios that they own...

One: You should watch their first party announcements video. There's new stuff there.
Two: Games take time to make. Believe it or not, when we get an official announcement, it wasn't the first day of the project. Big games exist years before we even know about them.
If you want companies to announce games and then take 5 years to release them, it's your choice. I'm just glad it isn't theirs.

Ok, they improved but this was something that they should have done long back during their times with them starting the gaming division.

And I'm not talking about time here as that's obvious.

Yes, they should have done it sooner. Why hadn't they done it? I don't know and we may never know.
What we do know is that they did acquire a bunch of studios and they will over time produce console exclusive content. And not for nothing, but despite lacking exclusive content the original Xbox held its own against Nintendo's history and a bunch of exclusives. And the 360 gave Sony more trouble than they ever had in the console space.

And I'm not talking about time here as that's obvious.

We know they have the studios now. And it's obvious, as you say, that games take time to make. So why are you complaining they haven't shown a bunch of new games?

Because the quantity of them is low? You'd expect a lot of new announced games from them at this point after all the studios that they acquired...

Dude. It's been 2 years. Some AAA games such as God of War took 5 years to make. Heck, The Last of Us Part 2 took three and a half years to come after it was announced, and development began way before that.

If you're okay with Sony's (and Square's, and some others) culture of announcing games many years before they actually come out, be my guest. It's your right to want that. I prefer that most of their games get announced closer to release. Which given that it's been two years since they acquired the studios, we'll be seeing those announcements in 2021 and 2022.

Well even Nintendo announces games before they release as well. The point is to show something that develops hype.

But I'll stop here.

Unfortunately for you, I have done an analysis of when Nintendo announced 1st party Switch games and they released (did the same for Sony, ended up not doing it for MS).

The average time between announcing and releasing on the Switch is less than a year. And that is counting the initial announcement of BotW for the Wii U instead of when it was confirmed as a Switch title.
So, unfortunately, while your statement might be true for past generations, it's not true on the Switch (besides Zelda and Metroid Prime).

But, anyway, you want them to announce games right? Did you watch anything from MS or are you waiting for the news to show up here for some reason? Let's see what they have announced for the Series X:

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2
Halo Infinite
Forza Motorsport
As Dusk Falls
State of Decay 3
Gears Tactics
+ an optimised version of Gears 5 to make better use of the new hardware

Those are 9 new console exclusive titles made by Xbox Games Studios that have been announced (Psychonauts 2 is not exclusive). It's actually more than Sony 1st party has announced for the PS5 and new 1st party Switch games combined. And in their last presentation they stated they have 5 other Xbox Games Studios working on games that have yet to be announced. They are saving them for later to avoid burning everything they have at work too soon.

But if you still want to think they have no new games in development and are sitting around playing Animal Crossing instead of working, I guess you can do that too

Sheesh man just chill. We know Nintendo reveals it frequently alright?

You wanted Xbox Game Studios announcements. Are you satisfied?

We know Nintendo reveals it frequently alright?


I meant not as late as the other two...whatever.

I guess English is not your mother tongue. It's not mine either. So I'll give you one piece of advice based on the confusion caused by your sentence:

We know Nintendo reveals it frequently alright?

You used the word it with no clear context to which it relates. What does Nintendo reveal frequently? It's not clear to the reader.

I meant not as late as the other two...whatever.

Now you tell me that it = not as late as the other two. It helps a bit, but it is still muddy. What constitutes a late announcement for you? Is it because it's too close to release? Is it because it's too far from release? Is it because you believe they should have done it sooner despite you not running the business and having little to no access to their data?

So, my advice is just to double check what you've written before posting it. This is to make sure what you've written makes sense, is clear and hopefully not ambiguous. Also, it helps prevent certain gems as:

Well even Nintendo announces games before they release as well.

I've never seen a game be announced after it's release. So instead of reading your comment as text, I had to double check your meaning and I believe you meant to say was: Even Nintendo announces games too early as well.
I might be right, I might be wrong. But as someone who's been teaching English as a second language for over 10 years, this is just some friendly help and advice. Take it as you will.

English is the only language that I speak. But I'm done here..for real.

English is the only language that I speak.

For real? You must never have had any misunderstandings happen to you then

Microsoft struck gold when they got him to lead Team Xbox. Hope he continues there to have the results of his labour this coming generation of hardware.


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