Commander Keen in Keen Dreams: Definitive Edition coming to Switch on Aug. 27th, 2020

Widescreen support, new levels, and more

Commander Keen is back. In the modernised Definitive Edition of the lost episode "Keen Dream", Keen has to fend off a nasty nightmare about evil vegetables. The Definitive Edition features full widescreen support, twelve all-new levels - doubling the length over the 1990 original - and a full music score. The game structure has been reworked to make the game a more modern experience without sacrificing any of the original charm!

If you don't want all the Definitive Edition bells and whistles, you can get the original Commander Keen in Keen Dreams right now for $6. If you want to grab this Definitive Edition, you'll have to wait until Aug. 27th, 2020, and you'll need to cough up $15.


Haha nice ^^
I've always wanted more old DOS games on Nintendo hardware. We've got Doom, we've got flashback, we've got Keen...
Now Epic (megagames) should get their shovels together and give us Jazz Jackrabbit ! The first one, the really good one.

I mean everybody knows that 75% of hackers out there hack consoles pretty much just so that they can port Doom and Jazz to everything that has a screen, so yeah. We have an official Doom, give us an official Jazz !

Not my favorite Keen, but I'm really happy to see it. Especially with new content.


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