The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's "Guardian Battle" theme is an inversion of Zelda's lullaby

Nintendo's up to their old musical tricks!

Nintendo loves to do all sorts of neat tweaks, tricks, and callbacks with the music in their games, but there's no doubt they really strut their stuff with the Legend of Zelda series. There have been countless examples of Nintendo sneaking in special musical nods in Zelda games, like the backwards Lorule Castle theme in A Link Between Worlds, and the reverse Zelda's Lullaby tribute in Skyward Sword's main theme. Now another secret has been found, and this one was tucked away in Breath of the Wild.

The image above shows off what Reddit user AVeryLittleStoat has discovered. It turns out that the Guardian Battle theme in Breath of the Wild is actually tied to Zelda's Lullaby from Ocarina of Time. The image indicates that the two tunes are an inversion of one another, meaning the notes flipped positions on the staff.

You can hear the two examples in the videos above. The first plays Breath of the Wild's version of Zelda's Lullaby, which comes in at the 20 second mark. The second song is the Guardian Battle, and it kicks off with the inverted three-note melody right off the bat. Without a doubt, the two tunes are linked...no pun intended.

Things go a level deeper when you dive into these tunes from a story perspective as well. Obviously Zelda's Lullaby is tied to Zelda, but the Guardian Battle theme is as well. Zelda was partially responsible for creation of the Guardians, but then they got corrupted by Calamity Ganon. Taking Zelda's Lullaby and inverting it for the Guardian theme makes perfect sense!


Technically Zelda's Lullaby is first from A Link to the Past, for what it's worth.

Also, really cool connection.

Cool, but it will be hard to top the reverse song they made for Skyward Sword. That was genius among genius


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