Igarashi says Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night's Switch sales were "well above expectations"

Switch owners pull through

Igarashi has a very long history with Nintendo fans, as many of his Castlevania titles appeared on Nintendo portables. There's no doubt some of that Castlevania following were more than eager to pick up Igarashi's standalone game, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night on Switch. It just so happens that even Igarashi was shocked to see how many NIntendo fans wanted to check out his latest work.

In an interview with Famitsu, Igarashi was asked about which platform saw the biggest sales impact. Igarashi answered very decisively, putting Switch at the top.

The Nintendo Switch. Sales were well above our expectations. The game launched one week later on Switch than on other consoles, and I figured fans wouldn’t be able to wait the extra week for the Switch version, so that was unexpected.

We had heard a few rumblings in the past that Switch sales were quite good for the game, but it's nice to have a direct confirmation from the man himself.

Igarashi also took a minute to reveal which part of the world brought in the most sales for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

That’d be North America. There’s always been a lot of Iga fans there. Back in the day, North America used to account for about 50% of my games’ sales, but with Ritual of the Night, it’s actually increased even more than that. After that it’d be Japan, China, and then the UK – in that order.


I recall the game got reports of performance issues at the release, are those actually fixed (and game finished?).

The game still runs at half framerate so no, it's still a porting disaster

Sat Aug 15 20 04:14pm
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I played it through to the end on Switch with the patches. It was just OK performance wise. It’s a great game (minus the occasional inexcusably obtuse methods for progression that pretty much force you into using a guide) but the Switch version definitely still has some technical hiccups. Frame rate can still dip quite severely, jumping between rooms can sometimes suffer bad load times. If you can look past that stuff it’s very much playable on Switch but if you have any other platform I’d get it on there, unless portability is really important to you in which case I’d get it on Switch as long as you’re fine with less than stellar performance.

Playable, but go with another platform if you have the option.

Was still entertaining the idea of getting this game and his comment just helped me make up my mind. What I got from this, was that they sent out the Switch version as is because they think it wouldn’t sell because of the short delay. Your craft is your craft! If you can’t indiscriminately put in the effort across each platform, don’t even bother.just focus on what your resources can handle.

It's a shame that the Switch port runs so poorly, because on any other console the game is great. To be fair to IGA and his team, though, the game WAS initially planned to be released on the Wii U instead... but then the Wii U sank and they rushed to port it onto the Switch as compensation for the Wii U backers. I'd still take Bloodstained on Switch over Mighty No. 9 on Wii U if given the choice.

I don't know why there's so much negativity around the Switch port. I've got it on PS4 and Switch, and yes there is a difference in visuals and frame rate but it's totally enjoyable on the Switch since it received all the performance patches. Really, it's fine and if it's you sort of game, I'd recommend it. I still don't think it's as good as the best of the Castlevania series but it's a good game.

I initially backed Bloodstained for Wii U because I wanted any content for the system. But then I came to my senses, boarded a lifeboat and got the hell off that Titanic. Switched my backer reward to PS4. Glad I did, otherwise I would have been stuck with a garbage version of a fantastic game. If there’s a Bloodstained 2, hopefully every version gets the proper treatment. Still wouldn’t trust to get it for Switch though.

It's a shame considering how bad the Switch version is. : /

Sun Aug 16 20 02:58am
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I got it at launch. I had no real issues with it.


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