Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition - Future Connected 'Accolades' Trailer

The future is yours!

See what people are saying about Future Connected, an all-new epilogue included with Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. Explore a new location on the Bionis with Shulk, Melia, and 2 new Nopon friends!


They really knocked it out of the park with their remaster. Hopefully the same crew are the ones working on a possibile Skyward Sword remaster.

Mon Aug 17 20 08:27pm
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Given how many teams Monolith Soft has it wouldn't be a stretch if they were developing or at least helping with a Skyward Sword remaster. Though it wouldn't be the same team as the Xenoblade remaster since those that did that were the main Xenoblade team which are now probably working on their new game.

That makes sense, as long as some team at Monolith has some part of a remaster it should be in safe hands and speaking of their new game I really hope they reveal something about it soon. Just the faint sketches from so long ago have kept me hopeful for something pretty expansive and original.


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