Spiritfarer includes a nod to Animal Crossing's Tom Nook

Must be cousins!

Both Animal Crossing and Spiritfarer surround a human character with a bunch of lovable animals. It turns out there's more similarities between the two under the surface, as one of the characters in Spiritfarer is definitely a tribute to Tom Nook.

Earlier on in the game, you'll be able to visit a shop called Raccoon, Inc., which is operated by Theodore, a raccoon with shady business principles. You quickly find out that Theodore's prices are pretty astronomical, but he will eventually lower his prices after a bit of scolding.

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How is this a nod to Animal Crossing? Because both characters' names start with a T?


That’s the nod.

I mean its a raccoon with a company? A little bit much to assume they are related without any exact confirmation from the devs.

Thu Aug 20 20 05:48pm
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Business-owning raccoons are a dime a dozen these days! No matter where I look I see raccoons just selling wares to people, it's non-stop. They're taking our jobs! They've infiltrated our economy to the point that they call the shots in government. Subsidies for small and mid sized businesses owned by raccoons. Preferential tax breaks for any business owned by one or more raccoons.
Raccoon business.
Raccoon business!
Everywhere everywhere.
It won't stop, please stop with all these raccoons!!

Tom Nook is based on the legends and folklore of tanukis in Japanese culture.

I could easily see Spiritfarer basing this on those some rumors.

Is it feasible that this is a reference to Animal Crossing, sure, but I don't know if thats guaranteed. Its very feasible both are basing their references off the same cultural representation of tanuki.

It’s a raccoon, running a shop, that charges noticeably high prices.
Name another game where that happens? Go on, I’ll wait.

The reference could only be more obvious if they actually called the character Nom Took.

Racoon running a shop? that's the nod? I don't know about that.


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