RUMOR: Supply chain sources say a redesigned, more powerful Switch might launch in 2021

The rumor never dies

Rumors of a more powerful Switch, or a 'Switch Pro' have been circulating for years now. We're yet to see anything actually get announced, but that hasn't stopped the rumors from continuing to spread.

Today we have yet another outlet pegging a Switch Pro for release, and they say it could be coming sometime in 2021. The following snippet comes from The Edge Markets.

Today's gains also followed a report in the Taipei-based Economic Daily News that Nintendo might launch a new version of its Switch console early next year, citing unidentified people in the supply chain. A more powerful version of the console has been rumoured in the past.

We've heard this sort of thing before, and obviously nothing has come of it yet. This time around, sources claim the Switch Pro will include 'upgraded interactivity' and a better screen. A Switch Pro does seem like a likely event at some point, but whether it gets released in 2021 is anyone's guess.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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Mon Aug 24 20 02:04pm
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The article indicates Q2 next year (APR-JUN)

Its not going to split the user base if the only exclusives for it are games that weren't ever going to be on Switch in the first place. That doesn't hurt the current install base at all. And if there are no exclusives that doesn't split the install base at all.

Now we just need Digital Foundry to start looking into the specs of this system.

I guess if a Switch Pro is coming out, better sooner than later! That may extend the Switch life for quite a while

Will it be powerful enough to run Netflix? I would love it if they made it a beast. I'd pay $500 for a 4K Switch.

Mon Aug 24 20 01:35pm
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Nah you're going to have to wait for quantum computing for that to be a feature.

Slim chance. Nintendo hasn’t focused on hardware specs.

Mon Aug 24 20 02:00pm
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I might believe if it has a Holiday 2021 release. Still it.seems too early in the game to split the user base, even with the next Xbox and PS5 coming soon.

Mon Aug 24 20 02:04pm
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The article indicates Q2 next year (APR-JUN)

Its not going to split the user base if the only exclusives for it are games that weren't ever going to be on Switch in the first place. That doesn't hurt the current install base at all. And if there are no exclusives that doesn't split the install base at all.

Well... it's will have been 4 years since the Switch first launched in early next March, so it's not that unlikely.
We also have no idea what exactly it is, so we can't say whether or not it will split the user base.
And Nintendo already knows the system will sell well in the quarter it launches and in the holiday quarter, so there's no reason to put them together.

I hope I'm not the only one...

I also would buy a $500 Nintendo console, with cutting edge technology, but Nintendo is not interested in that market. The only way that Nintendo makes a more powerful system is that overall technology catch them up, and they are "forced" to use modern components because using old tech could be more expensive to produce for them, see Switch v1 and Switch v2 with smaller node process.

At best, this will be a N3DS kinda thing that is there...but has little to no exclusives.

If the new system runs in 900p or 1080p portable, improves the framerate of games and has no joy-con drift that would already be a big win.

Upgrade the memory and it would already be a massive jump.

In terms of exclusives, if they really do upgrade the GPU, CPU, and RAM, I don't see any good reason to not allow exclusives from third parties. If they aren't willing to release the game on the base hardware, why would Nintendo say "no we don't want your game at all"? No publisher who can run a game on the base system would choose to only release the game on the smaller install base, so its not like publishers will stop supporting the base system because of the pro, so not having exclusives wouldn't be worthwhile.

Switch needs an upgrade bad. 1st party titles will remain unaffected but it needs an upgrade for 3rd party games sake. Games like Doom, Wolfenstein, Witcher, Outer Worlds, and Mortal Kombat could really benefit with beefier hardware for better more stable framerate and graphics that look good and not like someone smeared vaseline on the screen.

Now that I think about it maybe thats why 3rd party on Switch has been so slow this year compared to the previous 3 (besides just Co-vid) and why we have still yet to see Doom Eternal on Switch. Maybe Nintendo has sent out dev kits to major 3rd party publishers for this new Switch model suppose to launch early next year...

I mean Splatoon 2, Mario Odyssey in handheld, Xenoblade DE, Xenoblade 2 in handheld all have adaptive resolution and BoTW has frame rate issues, so those could all be easily fixed with a power boost with little effort.

But beyond that, Nintendo of all parties is far most likely to be patching their titles. Not only do they have the most likeliness to be able to make a patch (direct access to the hardware teams, Nvidia, and earliest access to the hardware) but they also have the most reason to, they want to sell this hardware more than anyone else. If this system has more RAM, I could absolutely see them providing texture packs for games like BoTW or Xenoblade, and if a game is capped out at a frame rate or resolution with resources to spare, I could see them adding effects, increasing foliage density, increase draw distances, etc.

If they release a pro console that can Have specs in docked mode as a PS4 pro/Xbox one X and Portable mode run 1080 P. Then it automatically would get some extra years of life.

That is physically impossible in 2020.

The best we could possibly see is "PS4 level specs" (which is a bit disingenuous since a flop means more on Nvidia GPUs than AMDs), but even then if we looked at the equivalent AMD performance, it wouldn't be close to PS4 Pro, in terms of GPU at least (CPU wasn't upgraded much for Pro is why, Switch "Pro" is going to still be heavily limited in terms of CPU due to the nature of the CPU it is using).

"Switch Pro" is going to be auto-completed to "Switch Pro Controller" when people search it up. A more correct guess would be Switch XL, or maybe "Switch i" if they attach a camera, just as previous Nintendo systems with a "Lite" variant have gotten later on.

Switch Pro is solely called as such because of the PS4 Pro, Nintendo would never actually use the same hardware naming scheme as Sony or MS.

(DSi was called as such because of its internet features, which is where the i in iPod and iMac came from, so that's basically retired at this point)

I always hoped we'd get a Metroid Prime themed Switch 2 in 2021.

Throw in some VR here, Nintendo! You have the best IPs for VR. Mario Kart, Pilot Wings 3D Metroid etc... Just do it!

And as wrote in the Bloomberg post:

"As long as I can copy all my data over and still use my pro controller, dock etc and this is a good ugrade I might get this day one. Pretty sure MP4 will shine on this (if true, of course).

Looking at the disaster of a "console war game" Sony and MS are doing now, perhaps lossing costumers even (XsX for me), Nintendo can actually win big on this with a game, like HINPH mentioned, BOTW2 for release."

But in the end it all depends on how much of an upgrade this is and what new features, if any, it will have.

That Direct better be coming soon...I need my Bayonetta 3 (still dreaming)

And Nintendo might be super cool and call it the Nintendo Super Fresh Switch Yo! (yeah I need more sleep).


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