Bloomberg chimes in on the revamped Switch rumors, backs claims of a 2021 release, say Nintendo considered 4K support

Where there's smoke...

Earlier today, a report came in from The Edge Markets stating that a revamped version of the Switch is coming in 2021. Their info came from people along the supply chain, but obviously no specific names were given. Now Bloomberg is joining in on the report with their own tidbits.

Bloomberg also believes that a revamped Switch is coming in 2021, and it will include beefier specs compared to the current Switch options. Bloomberg says their info comes from 'people familiar with the matter,' and also states that Nintendo considered features like improved processing power and 4K resolution support. Whether they actually went ahead with those features remains to be seen.

Finally, Bloomberg says that both first-party and third-party software is in the works, and the titles will focus on both casual and hardcore audiences. Apparently the revamped Switch is getting the lion's share of Nintendo's attention right now, which supposedly explains why the first party software support for Switch in 2020 has been a bit slow.

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I’ll upgrade if they can do all that + fix joycon drift and the WiFi problems.

... they pinch back! I could see this as a New 3DS situation like how Smash 3DS worked on both 3DS and N3DS, but performance was far better on N3DS plus it had the little c-stick nub and the "active tracking 3D" features. Faster load times on Smash too. I could totally see this happening with the Switch, and if it is you can count me in!

I’ll upgrade if they can do all that + fix joycon drift and the WiFi problems.

Launch that thing with BotW2 and let's do this, shiiiiiiii....

Well that would at least explain the lack of many releases in 2020.

Tue Aug 25 20 01:21am
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As long as I can copy all my data over and still use my pro controller, dock etc and this is a good ugrade I might get this day one. Pretty sure MP4 will shine on this (if true, of course).

Looking at the disaster of a "console war game" Sony and MS are doing now, perhaps lossing costumers even (XsX for me), Nintendo can actually win big on this with a game, like HINPH mentioned, BOTW2 for release.

Interesting times ahead it seems.

What makes what Sony and Microsoft are doing a disaster?

The "cold war" (in my opinion kindergarden) game with not saying anything about prices, release games and even bare anything about functionalities rather than tech stuff! Yeah! Nice specs and SSD and all.... But this silliness has gone on for too long. They HAVE to give us details sooner than later. Seriously, it's only some months away from release and yet we know way too little about the systems.

That's my short version!

I mean Nintendo literally revealed the switch specs, launch details, price and games less than two months before releasing it.

Wed Aug 26 20 03:43am
(Updated 1 time)

They had to do it big after the sale disaster of the WiiU, so they went aggressive with the Switch and it worked. But now MS and Sony are playing that silly game and perhaps the consoles will be pretty expensive. It's not really the same since there's direct competition since they will release their systems at the same time.

P.S: Games are important Smile We still are unsure what launch titles PS5/XSXS will have. IF (and that's a big IF) Nintendo can have BOTW2 for release for the Switch "pro" they already have a good start

I still don't see the difference in how Nintendo handled it to how Sony and Microsoft are handling it now. Especially during a pandemic where details are ever changing.

Nintendo didn't have a pandemic to think about with the Switch and they released it mid-way (after the WiiU disaster). MS and Sony are playing that silly price war which is ruining their reputation....

Tue Aug 25 20 02:27am
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I still think Nintendo doesn't push tech the same way the other 2 do.

I can expect a Pro versión of the Switch, less hiccups and more stability of what it has. But not an upgrade in terms of how the games currently look on the system.

They'll probably add something to the controllers. Besides fixing the drifting, maybe they polish the gyrosensor to recalibrate.

I think the UI is what they could change the most if they add more RAM and dedicate some specifically to have themes, music and all the bells and whistles. Although I don't see them changing their stance of supporting a web browser or streaming service.

In regards to games, last time the New 3DS had exclusive SNES support so could the improved version get GC support? Only time will tell.

Tue Aug 25 20 03:59am
(Updated 1 time)

4K on the Switch will not happen this generation. And it might not happen next generation either. Even the XBOX ONE X and PS4 Pro can't handle 4K natively. They might add an 4K output mode (like the XBOX ONE S has) which basically upscales the video to 4K, but renders at 1080p / 900p.

Tue Aug 25 20 05:12am
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Honestly I think these “reports” are incorrectly spawned from ongoing R&D Nintendo does towards their next major hardware, not a Switch iteration/refresh.

That, and that the people who write these are not technologically savvy, especially if they think 4K rendering (assuming at a playable fps no lower than 30) is going to be possible at 1) a reasonable price point and 2) the small form factor.

iPad Pro is significantly larger than the Switch, significantly more powerful, with a significantly higher resolution screen, significantly more expensive and it cannot render native 4K graphics.

It can shoot and edit 4K video fine, but that’s not nearly the same thing as rendering 4K 3D graphics. The current Switch is technically capable of 4K video playback.

A “New” Switch, if it ever exists is going to be more like the New 3DS in my opinion. Best upgrades would be a 1080p screen, better battery life (but considering more pixels in the screen is counter productive to better battery we’ll see), potentially a better CPU/GPU.

I wouldn’t expect a major increase in power. Only so much that it’s make existing games run better, rather than allow for much of an increase in graphical fidelity. For example, make games like The Witcher 3 run smoother. Enough to get “Switch-downgraded” ports of next-gen games....probably not. I don’t expect Cyberpunk to get a Switch or Switch “Pro” port. (Yes I know it’s technically a current gen game but it pushes things a lot more than Witcher3)

Would they increase the form factor size and create a need for “New” Joy-Cons and dock and make existing joy-con incompatible? Who knows - I wouldn’t put it past them.

There’s no business reason yet for new hardware. The current system is selling and continues to be sold out. They have a BOTW sequel coming and could also produce a Mario Kart 9 next year.

Tue Aug 25 20 03:01pm
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I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment in every particular.

Tue Aug 25 20 05:41am
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It's fine as long as they don't split the user base and games are compatible. The WiiU lasted for 4 and a half years, then why would the Switch last only 4?

I refuse to support anything that doesn't have 6K functionality in it, that's just how it is.

To expect Nintendo to follow into times at this point is absurd. To expect Nintendo to develop a 4K console is being rather silly.

But to say that its coming next year during a time that the pandemic is delaying things is absolutely ridiculous.

Tue Aug 25 20 09:09am
(Updated 3 times)

Closest thing to 4K we might actually get is by utilising DLSS 2.0, but that is not the point of the 4K mentioned in this.
This is a rumor coming from manufacturing pipelines, they would have no knowledge of resolution targets of individual software and they are not claiming that they do.

What they can have knowledge of is what the output resolution of the console can be, the regular switch can only output up to 1080p, which is not great for 4K TVs because then they have to do a further upscale to 4K. With how popular 4K TVs are, a next iteration of the Switch that can upscale to 4K is a given. It would be very weird to release a new console that cannot handle its own upscaling for 4K TVs.

Would be pretty cool to see a switch that had a 1080p screen and upscale to 4K docked. Even just giving enough powerful so almost every game could hit 720p in handheld.

I like it how we are getting rumor revivals: first it was Skyward Sword, then a Direct and now this. I wonder how long before the Mario-3D-games-on-Switch rumours come back

Several rumours have become reality the last years, so it's not impossible at all. And I would not be surprised either if this happens.

there is even a rumoured Direct soon... But worse: Sony and MS will tell us the prices for their new consoles soon too =o

I’ll be surprised if either of the new consoles are under $399. $499 seems more likely, given their specs, although they both seem to be playing chicken.

I think they’re both planning $499, but whoever goes first, the other will then undercut by $50 I reckon.

If any of the beefier new consoles (not counting the disc-less PS5 or rumoured Series S) cost below $499 I'll be shocked. There are two possible reasons (or them combined) why they are not announcing prices:
1 - the consoles are really expensive, so they want to show why they are awesome and then drop the bomb
2 - they are waiting for the other one to announce their prices first
Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if the PS5 turns out to cost $599

Yeah I forgot about the lower-end SKUs. Sony’s seems to be same specs just no disc drive, which wouldn’t reduce the cost much (or not at all if they bump up the internal storage to compensate), but Xbox Series S is supposed to be less powerful so it might be able to shave $100 off the price of the Series X. $399 for the S and $499 for the X is where I think Microsoft will go.

Sony could repeat their folly of the PS3 launch where they launched at $599 off the success of PS2. I think over $499 is where they’d see a drop off in people willing to pick it up on launch.

Interesting to see how it plays out but personally doesn’t effect me. I don’t plan on deviating from my gaming story of PC and Nintendo.
I don’t think Nintendo needs or should counter the new consoles with new hardware, but rather counter with new software.

Tue Aug 25 20 04:12pm
(Updated 1 time)

It was certainly a really bad move to launch the PS3 at $599. But there are two differences between then and now.
The previous gen had launched at $299 (PS2/Xbox) and $199 (GameCube). When Microsoft launched the 360 they had 2 SKUs, one for $299 and another one (the good one) for $399. It was overall a $100 jump, but the tech was impressive at the time. Sony was charging $200 (50%) more and delivering similar to lesser results at launch. Fastforward to this gen, and we had the PS4 Pro at $399 and the One X at $499. Had Sony actually made the Pro a better system, it would've also been $499 (I mean, not even 4K Blu-ray player? C'mon!)
The other factor is inflation. Those $599 would be about $780 today. We can't expect tech to get better, inflation to exist and console prices not to increase from time to time. It wouldn't be sustainable. The question is, how much of the cost will they "eat" before charging us.

I don’t think Nintendo needs or should counter the new consoles with new hardware, but rather counter with new software.

Wholeheartedly agree. I'll even add that given the sales momentum they have, the lower cost, larger library of games, and public visibility, they don't even need a huge holiday game to outsell the launching systems. The Switch sold 10.8 million units in the holiday quarter of last year (and it has been selling better this year). Just by repeating that, they'd sell more than twice the first 3 months of the PS4 (and it had a great launch).

Edit: If you want to check some numbers, just keep in mind they only use one SKU to calculate inflation

Don't forget about Lockheart/XsS. It's going to be, with game pass, MS's saviour next gen.

You repeat a rumor long enough and it could certainly become true. Especially when you're talking about Nintendo updating hardware to keep the system relevant. They've only done this with all their portables XD

I believe they have the Direct either ready or 95+% ready. But I also believe they were waiting for Sony and Microsoft to reveal their prices, lineups and release dates. Based on what has been announced so far, they may have decided that what they already know is enough and the Direct will indeed be this week (I'm all for it), we'll see.

As for Sony and Microsoft announcing prices. I just hope Sony goes first for once. I mean, they have most market share (and not for the first time), grow a pair a do something first already.

I truly think Nintendo are being the smart ones now. Wait for MS and Sony to battle it out and when the dust has settled they'll just be like "Here's the new Switch with these two awesome games you have been asking for!". BOTW2 and anoter big hitter for it's launch and they have done well.

But then again, this is Nintendo. Then again, a lot has changed there the last few years.

I truly think Nintendo are being the smart ones now.

Amen, brother!
There's a vocal minority complaining, but then again, they're always doing that...

The PS5/SX launch and 2021 will be interesting to watch Smile

Wed Aug 26 20 06:27pm
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All hail me.

But seriously now, Ninty waiting out the MS vs Sony thing and then releasing/announcing the Switch "Pro" n these times is damn smart.


My only expectation for this year is a new NSO games.

But I do know how the 3D Mario rumor will become true. About 9 years ago I gave my Wii (with GameCube support) to my sister-in-law (I moved to a different country) and got one that didn't run GC games. Not a problem, my Cube works... then it doesn't. So I ask her to trade Wiis with me. She says no. Thus, it's been over 10 years since I last played Sunshine. Now, she has agreed to send me her Wii because she doesn't use it anymore (no more Netflix). So, since by the end of the year I will be able to play Sunshine again, I believe Nintendo will rerelease it for the first time ever.


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